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Famous for having the largest cave passage in the country (The Time Machine), two underground camps (Hard Rock Café and the Restaurant at the End of the Universe), and for the notably lengthy and arduous Entrance Series, consisting of 517m of crawling, squeezing, thrutching, wriggling and splashing about in a confined passage, this is a true classic of South Wales caving. Luckily for any cavers of more generous proportions, an alternative entrance through Ogof Cnwc (also known as Price’s Dig) was made possible in the early 2000’s by digging a connection through to Busman’s Holiday in Daren, though even this has failed the make the cave “easy”. Despite the strenuous nature of the cave, there are many wonders to behold well worth the effort of getting there, from intricate formations to immense caverns. Access There are no formal access restrictions to the original Daren entrance cave as the cave has its own natural defence in the form of an arduous ½ km entrance series. Ogof Cnwc, the alternative dry entrance into the cave system is gated, but can be opened from the inside without the need of a key. A through trip between the two entrances is possible in either direction, but a key is required to enter through Cnwc. This can be obtained from Whitewalls from any member of the Chelsea Spelaeological Society, with a £10 deposit. Caving clubs may also apply for a permanent loan key from Adrian Fawcett. (CSS members can access the cave anytime using the club keys held at Whitewalls) Popular Trips in Daren Cilau The Cnwc/Daren Through Trip (click for route description)
The Eastern Flyover, Daren Cilau Photo by Mark Lumley (There is now a fixed chain ladder here)