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Search for “CSS Whitewalls Llangattock” to find us on Google Maps, or click here for directions. Please read the below advice about the final stage of the route up the hill, and beware of just following your sat-nav.


From the Brynmawr A465 Roundabout at the top of

the Clydach Gorge

This route is subject to ongoing change due to the A465 dual carriageway construction. Take the A4047 exit off the roundabout for Brynmawr town. After passing the Beaufort pub, take the next right into King Edward Road and at the top turn right again on to Intermediate Road. Follow this across a bridge going over the A465. Despite all the bends, do not turn off, ascend or descend from this road anywhere. After several miles of winding absolutely dead level road you will reach the place in the photo opposite where the tarmac road drops away on the right. Drive straight ahead here for 50 metres more, past the “Common Land No Vehicles” sign and then park adjacent to Whitewalls or its garden. This is the best route for minibuses and larger vehicles despite most of it being single track with passing places.

From the Gilwern A465 Roundabout

at the bottom of the Clydach Gorge

This route is also subject to ongoing change due to the A465 dual carriageway construction. Coming from the East (Abergavenny direction) leave the A465 at a massive roundabout with a partially constructed flyover bridge (not yet in use) on to the A4077 and into Gilwern village. At the Beaufort Arms turn right, remaining on the A4077 in the Crickhowell direction. Continue past a petrol station and small food shop for about a mile. After the section with temporary traffic lights (due to road subsidence) take the next left on to a minor road signposted with a brown hostel sign. This is also a single track road with passing places, but heading uphill. After crossing the hump-back bridge over the canal, fork right (more hostel and riding school signs) and after 300m turn left over a smaller hump-back bridge. This road is narrow and it has a lot of bends, but it very little used so it is unlikely you will meet any oncoming traffic. Follow it to the very top where you turn right on to the dead level road described for the Brynmawr approach. This route is fine for cars and first-time visitors.

From the A40 in Crickhowell town centre

From the Shell petrol station, which is on the A40, turn downhill to the River Usk bridge. After crossing over this, turn left on to the A4077 in the Gilwern direction. Continue for 800m past a garage, now on your right, selling mainly 4x4 vehicles. After another 200m turn right at the brown hostel sign and then use the minor roads route described in the paragraph above for visitors approaching instead from Gilwern. An alternative slightly more direct route to the cottage is through Llangattock village, and then up some extremely narrow hill roads, poorly provisioned with passing places, but this way cannot recommended for first-time visitors and it is definitely not for minibuses.
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