Access Rules for Ogof Craig-a-Ffynnon

1.0 Conditions for Entry
1.1 Access to the cave shall be either by a key issued with a specific permit, or utilising a club's annual key. Keys remain the property of the management committee.
1.2 Trips must only be undertaken if the party has a valid permit. Clubs issued with an annual key will be issued with an annual permit.
1.3 The gate should be kept locked at all times.
1.4 The book kept at the entrance must be fully completed for every person entering the cave. This should include a clear indication of the club, key number, route to be taken, etc.
1.5 The cave environment is both delicate and irreplaceable. Conservation of the cave is therefore of paramount importance. Please do not touch mud or calcite formations, alter the structure of the cave, or cross or move marker tapes.
1.6 Bats are a legally protected species. Particular care must be taken not to disturb them (i.e. keep a reasonable distance, keep noise levels to a minimum, avoid shining main lights at them). Bats are particularly susceptible to cigarette smoke; therefore smoking is not permitted during your trip. Also, the use of carbide is specifically prohibited.
1.7 Installations, apparatus and equipment in the cave must not be tampered with or damaged.
1.8 During your visit all litter should be taken away. The committee would appreciate the removal of any litter discovered.
1.9 The permit allows access to OGOF CRAIG-A-FFYNNON only. Proposals for camping, blasting, research and any commercial activity require special permission. Apply to the permit secretary.
1.10 Safe caving practice must be maintained. Adequate caving clothing, footwear, helmets and electric lights must be used. Emergency equipment, such as a first aid kit, exposure blanket, spare food and spare light, is highly recommended.
1.11 The leader of the party is responsible for ensuring that the party is adequately equipped, for the conduct of the party, and for ensuring that the trip is not beyond the capabilities of any of the party. He / she must have attained the age of 18 years. Cavers with limited experience are only permitted in a ratio of no more than 1:1 to experienced cavers. Overall responsibility rests with the club or individual to which the permit has been issued.
1.12 Party size is restricted to a maximum of 8, unless by prior arrangement.
1.13 Leaders of parties are required to report any conduct which is not in accordance with these access rules.
1.14 Cavers enter at their own risk. The cave is not recommended for children.
1.15 During wet weather, the section of cave beyond First Boulder Choke can sump. The leader should be aware of the flooding characteristics of the cave and the prevailing weather conditions.
2.0 Applications for Access
2.1 Caving clubs may apply for permits / keys, provided they are members of the British Caving Association or an equivalent body abroad. BCA direct individual members may also apply. Applications from clubs should come from the club secretary and include:
  1. the name of the leader, who must be at least 18 years of age
  2. date of proposed visit(s)
  3. a 10 cheque payable to Natural Resources Wales, dated one week prior to the trip (if a key is required see point 2.3 below)
  4. a stamped addressed envelope.
2.2 Keys are issued at the Permit Secretary's discretion, subject to availability. No reasonable applications will be denied.
2.3 A group with a permit issued in their name may borrow a key from an annual key holding club and will be expected to return it promptly after use. Key holders should take care to lend their key only to groups which do have a valid permit. The annual key holder will be liable for any misuse of their key.
2.4 Any club with a special interest in the cave may apply for an annual key. Such requests will be considered on their individual merits by the MLCMAC. Clubs must return their annual key if so requested.
2.5 Professionally led trips are only permitted if for the purpose of cave leader training to obtain a recognised qualification.
2.6 Any requests for access that fall outside the scope of these rules must be made directly to National Resources Wales.
2.7 Breach of these conditions may result in future applications for access or annual keys being refused, or the return of annual keys.

Last updated: 17/10/15