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The society has about 100 members drawn from all over the country. We welcome new members aged 18 and above with any level of caving experience. They are invited to join on a provisional basis for six months while becoming known and may then seek election to full membership. Full members living at the same address can then become joint members of the club to receive only one copy of club publications. Associate membership is also available to those wanting club publications but no other facilities. Two weeks temporary membership is available once only to inquirers and to our guests so as to provide BCA insurance if they want to try out caving in the company of experienced members.


Provisional membership for new members wanting to try out our club costs £10 and is available once only for six months starting on any date you choose. It can, however, be extended by the committee beyond six months in some circumstances. You must also get British Caving Association (BCA) active caver insurance one way or another - via our club, via some other club of which you are already a member, or from the BCA directly. If you have obtained your BCA insurance from elsewhere then you must give our club treasurer your BCA number and the name of the organisation providing it to you. All other types of club members pay an annual subscription which runs from October 1st each year. Full member £30. Joint members £40. Associate £18. Obligatory BCA insurance is additional to this. BCA insurance runs each year from January 1st and costs are pro rata the number of calendar quarters remaining rounded up. If you join in March therefore you will pay for 4 quarters but if you join in April you will pay for 3 quarters. Yes, it is messy but that is the way it is. The 2021-22 rate is £6 for non-cavers and associate members, or £20 for active cavers, that is everyone else who intends to venture underground. BCA insurance premiums are normally paid for the entire calendar year (from 1st Jan to 31st Dec) and the treasurer needs your payment well up front to enable us to put your next BCA insurance into place before your current insurance expires on the 31st December each year.

The process for joining the club

Download our INFORMATION LEAFLET and checkout the rest of our website to see if we provide the kind of activities and facilities to suit you. The CLUB CONSTITUTION sets out our rules, and we operate within a set of guiding CLUB POLICIES. Download our APPLICATION FORM and send a signed copy to our secretary at the address shown on it along with your payment, enclosing a cheque or paying online to the bank account shown on the form. Your details will then be circulated to the club committee by email to agree to your provisional membership and you should then receive an email or letter confirming this along with further information about the club, including the contact list for existing members and our web forum login. During the next 6 months, come along on club activities and get to know the others and acquire any caving skills that you need in the company of experienced others. We do not provide any formal training as such and we recommend attending a course run by Cambrian Caving Council and other providers if you want to acquire safety-critical skills like Single Rope Technique (SRT). The next committee meeting after your 6 months is up will automatically consider your election to full membership. You do not need to find a proposer or seconder or write any letters, and the secretary will contact you directly about the outcome. When a provisional member becomes a full member of the club, the treasurer will work out a balancing charge for the rest of the current club financial year so that your club subscription and BCA insurance position is aligned with the existing full members who will be due to pay their next annual club subscription along with the next BCA insurance premium some time after 1st October each year. Further questions? Contact  Adrian Fawcett - Secretary
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