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CSS Newsletters 2010 - Volume 52

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Pottering About on Mendip - Collection of trips done by John Cooper in Feb-March 2010 including Box's Cave, Charterhouse, Chelm's Coombe Swildon's and The City Arms in Wells! Bats in Fairy Cave Quarry - Greater and Lesser Horseshoe bats and their hibernation in the caves of Fairy Cave Quarry. Withyhill Resurveyed - Duncan's quest to completely resurvey Withyhill Cave, one of the best decorated caves in Mendip. Includes full survey. Daren Cilau Digging Trip - February 2010 - Report from a HRC Daren camp, with the digging projects of The Inconvenient Truth and Hopping Mad. Open Letter to the CSS Committee - An open letter to the CSS Committee regarding PDCMG meetings and Draenen access issues. Great Tits! A new menace to our little friends. - Great Tits observed to be killing and eating Pipistrelle bats in Hungary. The suggested plan of action if this should be encountered in our country is somewhat radical! Volunteers Your Cave Rescue Team Needs You! - Cave rescue initiations have changed quite significantly over the years and Paul presents a good reason why you should consider joining the cave rescue team.

No. 5, May 2010

Pottering About on Mendip - A collection of digging and caving trips undertaken by John Cooper during March and April 2010. Wookey Hole - 75 years of cave diving and exploration - An Editor's Tale - The making of this new and well presented caving book, chronicling the efforts of cave divers past and present in this well known and important Mendip cave. The Geryon - The story of the discovery of The Geryon, a truly fantastic formation located in the further reaches of Draenen found while surveying the cave back in 1997. Underneath the Cotswolds - On telly Again! - After the discovery of a cave opening in a field in The Cotswolds Joe is asked to investigate its depths by the Countryfile TV crew. Hopping Mad Hops Again - News from the Hopping Mad and Inconvenient Truth digs in Daren Cilau, dug on the April HRC camp. Ogof Draenen - Correction and Clarification - Response to Stuart France's article featuring cave data gathered from caver counters in Ogof Draenen by the Hon. Secretary of the PDCMG. Draenen Logbook and Counters Compared - Insight into how the data gathered from the various 'caver counters' in Draenen compares to that written in the logbook. Open Letter to CSS, PDCMG and Charles Bailey - A letter of clarification of the CSS committee's position on the PDCMG by CSS Chairman Tim Morgan.
Pottering About on Mendip - Digging in Charterhouse and trips to G.B Cave and Swildon's Hole. On the 5th Day of Christmas - An evening with the ATLAS diggers in Fairy Cave Quarry with trips to Fernhill Cave and Withyhill. The Agen Allwedd Survey - John's objective of resurveying Agen Allwedd starts with Upper Southern Stream. New Survey included. Gathering and Interpreting Cave Visitor Data - A comparison of data taken from caver counters with that given in the logbooks at Ogof Capel and Ogof Draenen. Mangle Hole - Write up of an SRT trip to Mangle Hole in Mendip. Minuartia Mine - A trip to descend the newly re-discovered Minuartia Mine shaft on the Yoxter Range, Mendip. Ice on the Hard Rocks - A two man camp at HRC during a particularly wet and cold weekend.

No. 4, April 2010

No. 6, June 2010

Pottering About on Mendip - Trips to Charterhouse Cave, Swildon's Hole and Wookey Hole undertaken by John Cooper in April-May 2010. Four Days on Lundy Island - Trip to Lundy Island to seek out the caves, interesting surface features and of course beer at The Marisco Tavern. Kingsdale Master Cave via the Valley Entrance - An outing to the Kingsdale Master Cave visiting the Rowten sumps and Swinsto Chamber. Geryon Logbook - Entries from the logbook located by the fantastic Geryon formation in Dollimore's Series Bats v Birds - The Plot Thickens - Response article to Pete Ward's 'Great Tits' about birds being preyed on by bats, Joe tells of bats that get eaten by birds. Mines of the Yoxter Range - Exploration of mine shafts in the Yoxter Range, Mendip. TJ's Dig - Digging at TJ's Swallet near Dallimore's Cave, Green Ore in Mendip. Is That So? - Book Review - Book review of 'Is That So?' a collection of caving tales and real life japes compiled by Rob 'Tav' Taviner. Dan yr Ogof - Write up of a Dan yr Ogof round trip with an added excursion to the Great North Road ladder.

No. 7, July 2010

Pottering About on Mendip - Caving trips undertaken by John Cooper in May-June 2010. Ibbeth Peril Cave - Trip to Ibbeth Peril Cave in the Yorkshire Dales. Manor Farm Swallet - A trip to practice ladder climbing technique in Manor Farm heading to the NHASA Gallery. Daren Cilau/Ogof Cnwc Rescue Practice - A rescue practice with the objective of checking out if a stretcher carry could be successfully achieved through the Cnwc entrance of Daren Cilau.

Nos. 8-9, August-September 2010

Pottering About on Mendip - Trips undertaken by John Cooper from June -Sep 2010, including Charterhouse Cave, Eastwater Cavern, G.B. Cave, Spider Hole, Stoke Lane Slocker and Swildon's Hole. A Week's Digging in The Burren - A week of digging in a variety of promising sites in The Burren, Ireland. Charterhouse Photos - Showcasing some of Steve Sharps photographs of Charterhouse Cave. Mendip Meet - Longwood August - A trip to the notoriously awkward Reynold's Passage in Longwood Swallet. Montenegro 2010 Expedition - A brief summary of the Montenegro 2010 expedition *see Vol. 52, Nos 12 for full report* Tourist Caving in China - Showcaves visited by Adrian during his time living and working in Wuhan, China.

No. 10-11, October-November 2010

Steep Holm - A jolly outing to Steep Holm with a foray into some of the underground shelters and caves of the island. Ogof Cnwc to Daren Cilau Through Trip Description - A route description of the Daren through-trip, from the Cnwc entrance to the infamous Daren entrance crawl. Daren Cilau to Ogof Cnwc Through Trip Description - A route description of the Daren through-trip, entering Daren and exiting Cnwc. Surveying Busman's Holiday - Surveying the Busman's Holiday part of the Daren Cilau system and the connection with Ogof Cnwc. With additional information regarding digging prospects in the area and a full survey of the through trip. More Caving in France - Write up of trips to Grotte du Coutal, Grotte de Clujade and Abime de Bramabiau in the Tarn Gorge area of France Trapdoor and Vesper Pot - SRT trips to Trapdoor and Vesper Pot, two sporting potholes in the Yorkshire Dales. CSS Golden Oldies Weekend Meet in South Wales - The CSS 'Golden Oldies' social gathering and the role they played in the renovation of Whitewalls. Pottering About on Mendip - Two trip reports from Charterhouse Cave.

No. 12, December 2010

Reminiscences - Steve Allen - Obituary with reminiscences of Steve Allen and some of his caving achievements. Pottering About on Mendip - Digging and surveying trips to Charterhouse Cave, Sidcot Swallet and Withyhill Cave. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark - Constructing and testing a low cost LED headtorch, with details of how to build your own. Coleman's Cartoons - Article about Jack Coleman 'the doyen of Irish caving' featuring some of his artwork. Springhead Rising - Diving in Springhead Rising, Rodney Stoke in Mendip and the digging prospects of this difficult to access site. Dad's Digging - A fictional tale about a cave digging father and daughter. How Cold Was Your Cottage? - Analysis of the temperature and humidity of the new Whitewalls extension during the cold winter months.

No. 1, January 2010

No. 3, March 2010

Selected Caves of France - Part 6: Correze/Lot - This instalment covers the Ardeche and Lot regions of France with trips to Event de Midroi, Event de Peyrejal, Event de Jonquilles, Igue de Viazac and Saut de la Pucelle. Pottering About on Mendip - Caving and digging trip undertaken by John Cooper during Nov- Dec 2009. Soggy Digging in Daren - A weekend at the Hard Rock Café camp in Daren Cilau and digging at The Inconvenient Truth. OFD Flood Pulse - 21st November 2009 - Flash flooding in OFD witnessed on a Cwm Dwr to Streamway trip, where normally dry passages near Piccadilly became quickly submerged beneath 3-4m metres of water. Our Caving Expedition That Accidently Went a Bit Adrift - At the same time as the flood pulse (above) was hitting OFD, another party experienced high water levels in Craig a Ffynnon. This is an account of their trip where a dry start culminated in being trapped by sumped exit.

No. 2, February 2010

Charterhouse - The Obstacle Course - A descriptive journey to the Terminal Sump in Charterhouse Cave and the obstacles to overcome along the way. Complete with photos and surveys of various sections of the route. TJ's Swallet, Ores Close - Write up of progress at TJ's Swallet in Mendip currently being dug by the ATLAS digging team. Including a survey of Ores Close Folly Mine. Anglo-Irish Team Rescue American Cavers from Mammoth Cave - A tourist trip to Mammoth Cave in Utah, with a rescue/impromptu cave guiding tour of lost Americans. Pottering About on Mendip - Caving trips undertaken by John Cooper during October and November 2010. Matienzo 2010 - A summary of trips and caving exploits on the Matienzo expedition 2010 with photos. Montenegro 2010 - Report from the 2010 Montenegro Expedition and the caves explored by the team. Index to Volume 52 - Index of contents of Vol.52 CSS Newsletter