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CSS Newsletters 2012 - Volume 54

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Brian Price - Obituary for Brian Price who died on February 2012. Another Daren Rescue Callout - Extract from the CSS Message Board regarding an over-due party in Daren Cilau. Underground in Ston Easton - An exploratory journey through a culvert in Ston Eastern Park, Mendip. Images of Ogof Draenen - Showcasing some of Steve Sharps photographs of Ogof Draenen. Olive Fidler - Tribute to Olive Fidler, neighbour of Whitewalls and friend to the club.

Nos. 1-2, January-February 2012

Nos. 5-6, May-June 2012

Another Connection in Swildon's Hole - Details of a new sporting round trip that can be done in Swildon's Hole using a recently forged connection. Includes tackle list and route description. Restaurant at the End of the Universe Finally Clear of Rubbish - Clearing out rubbish from Restaurant at the End of the Universe camp in Daren Cilau. A Welsh's Wet Sunday - A trip to Welsh's Green Swallet in Mendip during high water conditions. Fossil Passages - First printed in 1959. Exciting times and high water in Agen Allwedd. Croesor-Rhosydd Through Trip - Write up of the fun-packed adventure that is the Croesor- Rhosydd through trip. Ham Hole - A breakthrough at Ham Hole in Mendip and the digging efforts put in to make it. Picnic at Chelm's Combe Quarry - Caving, picnicking and re-opening the entrance of Reynold's Rift in Chelm's Combe Quarry, Cheddar. Great Douk Cave - Trip to Great Douk Cave in the Yorkshire Dales Paris Catacombs - A weekend of camping and exploration in the Paris Catacombs. Cloford Quarry Big Cave - Digging and access to Cloford Quarry Big Cave, Mendip. Wet Sink - A Cast of Thousands - Trip to Wet Sink/Slaughter Stream Cave in the Forest of Dean, includes survey of the cave. Pottering About on Mendip - A collection of write ups of the plethora of caving and digging trips done by John Cooper on Jan-April 2012.

Nos. 7-8, July-August 2012

Caving Matilda - Caving song to be sung to the tune of 'Waltzing Matilda'. Midweek Trips - A collection of trip reports from a number of caves in South Wales undertaken on CSS mid-week evening trips. Visiting Some Caves in Thailand - Tourist caving in the Thanbok Koranee National Park, Thailand. Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 1-2 - OFD 1-2 through trip, subtitled another Chelsea epic! Pollution in the Clydach Gorge - Possible sewage pollution encountered in the Clydach Gorge and Pwyll y Cwm sump. The Caves of the Lesser Garth - History and trip descriptions of the caves of Lesser Garth, including Lesser Garth Cave, Ogof Ffynnon Taff and Ogof Pen y Graig. Lesser Garth Cave - Trip to Lesser Garth Cave and the 'interesting' connection route to Ogof Ffynnon Taff. San Hoi Cave near Vang Vieng - A tourist trip and solo foray in San Hoi Cave, Laos. Digging in Upper Flood - Digging at the end of East Passage, Upper Flood Swallet and new discoveries through a very muddy duck. Fossil Passages - First printed in 1959. A trip in surprisingly high water in Agen Allwedd. Pottering About on Mendip - Caving and digging trips undertaken by John Cooper in April-June 2012.
Llygad Llwchwr 2 - The First Year - Analysis and charts of the number of groups that have visited Llygad Llwchwr 2. Montenegro 2011 - A round up of caves explored on the Montenegro 2011 expedition, with a depleted team of fit healthy cavers due to a Salmonella outbreak at camp. Upper Flood Swallet - Trip report and photo gallery of Upper Flood Swallet, Mendip. Tearing Down Gates - Paul Tarrant tells the story of the memorable time he was stuck in Agen Allwedd with the only key broken in the lock. Pottering About on Mendip - Caving trips undertaken by John Cooper from Dec 2011- Jan 2012. A Little Bit of Coal Mining in South Yorkshire - A trip to some newly re-opened mines in South Yorkshire. Faffing around in G.B. Cave - G.B. trip in search of Disappointment Chamber with a number of mishaps along the way.

Nos. 9-10, September-October 2012

Underground Thanet - Book review of Underground Thanet, a new publication by the Trust for Thanet Archaeology. The book covers the quarries, shelters, tunnels and mines of Thanet, Kent. CSS Trip to the Gower - Events of the CSS Gower Meet with kayaking fun and caving trips to Llethrid Swallet and Tooth Cave. Some Small Finds above Turkey Stream - New discoveries found while surveying above the Turkey Streamway in Agen Allwedd. Pottering in Wales - A collection of trip reports from CSS evening trips by various authors. Includes visits to OFD, Aggy, Daren and Ogof Pasg. To The Most Remote Spot in Britain - Trip to the end of Daren Cilau while camping at the Hard Rock Café. Cwmorthin Slate Mine, North Wales - Journey through Cwmorthin Mine to Oakeley Mine and the interesting sights in between. Frederick J Fredericks - The Frederick J Fredericks arts exhibition held in Eglwys Faen. Pottering About on Mendip - Trip reports from a variety of Mendip caves and digs visited by John Cooper in June-Aug 2012.

Nos. 3-4, March-April 2012

No. 11, November 2012

CSS Golden Oldies Meet - Report from the annual social gathering of the CSS 'Golden Oldies' and memories of caving and re-building Whitewalls in the 1960's. Stoke Lane Slocker - A trip to Stoke Lane Slocker with trepidation of the notorious sump 1 and photography of the wonders that lay beyond. Cave Hunts during a holiday in Brixham, South Devon - The search and exploration of spelaeological sites in South Devon with descriptions and access information. Radon Monitoring in Daren Cilau - Results from the recent radon testing done at various parts of Daren Cilau. News from the Committee - Updates on membership, club meets and Whitewalls. Turkey Stream - Sumps 1-5 - Digging and surveying the Turkey sumps with descriptions of the cave beyond the sumps and details of possible digging leads. Reservoir Hole - Trip to the newly discovered 'Frozen Deep' and some of the dig sites in Reservoir Hole. Age and inactivity will be the death of me - A return to the delights of Daren camping after taking time off caving due to injury. Snowdonia Mines - Trip report from an extensive lead mine in North Wales that the author has chosen not to disclose the name of. Pottering About on Mendip - Write up of all the caving trips and digs undertaken by John Cooper Sep-Nov 2012. Ogof Craig a'r Ffynnon - Fitting new fixed aids on the 2nd Boulder Choke pitch in Craig a Ffynnon.

No. 12, December 2012

Stoke Lane Slocker - Reminiscence of caving in Stoke Lane Slocker in the 1960s and likelihood of contracting Weil's Disease there. Some Passages are Best Forgotten - Recommendation to visit The Enchanted Forest in Forgotten Passage, Daren Cilau with directions of how to get to this rarely visited part of the cave. Going Underground at TekCamp 2010 - Duncan turns 'Tour Guide' on a journey through Wookey Hole, and highlights many interesting facts about the cave system. Modifications to the rope climb into White Passage - The modifications to the rope climb at White Passage in Daren Cilau that took place in Nov 2012. CSS Evening Meets - Trips to Strawberry Passage in Draenen, the traverses over the Main Streamway in Agen Allwedd and Ogof Cnwc to Busman's Holiday. Bill Gascoigne - Tribute to Bill Gascoigne who died in 2012 and his contributions to South Wales caving. Index to Volume 54 - Index of contents of Vol.54 CSS Newsletter