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CSS Newsletters 2013 - Volume 55

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Caves and Global Warming - News of a study where global warming and cooling over the last 500.000 years has been identified by radio isotopic dating of stalagmites in Russia and Mongolia. Caving in Devon - A comprehensive list of Devon caves with access information, grid refs and short description. Includes all the well known and popular caves and lots of interesting lesser visited sites. Boreham Cave Part 1 - Diving and kit malfunctions in Boreham Cave. Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - A CSS evening trip to the wonders of Craig a Ffynnon. CSS Dinner - Report from the CSS Annual Dinner 2013. Digging in Read's Cavern - Digging at LADS Luck in Read's Cavern with schematic diagram of the system, Steve Milner's account of the dramatic collapse in 1984 and photos past and present. Pottering About on Mendip - John Cooper's trip reports from the various caving and digging trips he's undertaken from Jan - March 2013.

Nos. 1-2, January-February 2013

Nos. 5-6, May-June 2013

Are the Mendips about to become a Gas Field? - Report on the possibility of fracking in Mendip and the some of the implications should it occur. Operation Tankard - Trip to the high-level series above Chamber 9 in Wookey Hole, and some history of it's discovery in 1970. Bill Maxwell - A tribute to Bill Maxwell a founder member of CSS who died March 2013. Miss Grace's Lane Cave - An interesting trip to Miss Grace's Lane in the Forest of Dean. *also in CSS Newsletter Vol. 55, Nos. 7-8* Daren Cilau, Collapse in Acupuncture Passage - Report of a collapse in Acupuncture Passage in Daren Cilau currently blocking the route to the REU from HRC. HSCC Club Trip to Devon - A weekend of visiting some of the more unusual caves of Devon with Hampshire Scouts. *also in CSS Newsletter Vol. 55, Nos. 7-8* New Caving Exhibition at Wells and Mendip Museum - Construction of a new caving exhibition in Wells and Mendip Museum.

Nos. 7-8, July-August 2013

STOP The Mendip Gas Fields - A campaign to inform people of the implications fracking could have on Mendip. Montenegro 2013 - Events from the small-scale expedition to search for an over-flow resurgence in Spila Risanska and explore sites discovered but un-descended in the 2012 expedition. Any Old Bags Out There? - Details of the clear out of old kit and rubbish at the Hard Rock Café camp in Daren Cilau. HSCC Club Trip to Devon - A weekend of visiting some of the more unusual caves of Devon with Hampshire Scouts. Renewed Interest in Pwll Estrys - Surveying, digging and a small breakthrough in Pwll Estrys on the Llangattock escarpment. Includes survey. Miss Grace's Lane - An interesting trip to Miss Grace's Lane in the Forest of Dean. CSS Mendip Weekend - Round up trips undertaken and BBQ on the 2013 Mendip Meet. Muddy Waters - Dye tracing, hydrology and the mystery of unusually muddy and cloudy water encountered in Agen Allwedd. Extracts from the Forum - A medley of trip reports taken from the CSS online message board, including bat count, walking in Yorkshire, Agen Allwedd, Eglwys Faen and Tarddiad Rhymney. CO2 Levels in Charterhouse Cave - Analysis of CO2 levels in various parts of the Charterhouse Cave system.
The Agen Allwedd Album - List of songs with associations with Agen Allwedd. Montenegro 2012 - A summary of events and explorations undertaken on the Montenegro 2012 Expedition. A Western Mendip Bimble - Caving trips to Loxton Cave, Loxton Quarry Cave, Denny's Hole and Sandy Cave in West Mendip. Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - North West Inlet - Trip to the end of North West Inlet in Craig a Ffynnon. Dinas Silica Mines - Trip to 3 of the Dinas Silica Mines and some history about the mining there. Pottering About on Mendip - Brief write ups of the 32 caving and digging trips undertaken by John Cooper from Nov 2012-Jan 2013.

Nos. 9-10, September-October 2013

An Update on the Caves, Mines and Other Underground Items of Interest on Lundy Island  - A Lundy Island special edition of the CSS Newsletter, full of information, photos and surveys of the caves of Lundy Island.

Nos. 3-4, March-April 2013

Nos. 11-12, November-December 2013

Bill Maxwell and the Cave Fauna - Details of Bill Maxwell's activities in the realm of cave biology. CSS Golden Oldies Celebrate 50 Years of Whitewalls - The CSS 'Golden Oldies' gather to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Whitewalls. Including photos of the renovation of the cottage in the 60s. Ogof Pont Gam - Ogof Nant Rhin - An SRT through-trip from Ogof Pont Gam to Ogof Nant Rhin. Sludge Pit Hole - Trip to Sludge Pit Hole in Mendip. CSS Curry Meet - Summary of the CSS Curry Night, December 2013. Trip to North Wales - Weekend of mountain walking in the Ogwen Valley and a trip to mine near Betws Y Coed. Index to Volume 55