Nos. 3-4, March-April 2014

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CSS Newsletters 2014 - Volume 56

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Cave Rescue in South Wales - Information about the South Wales cave rescue team and how to initiate a rescue call out. Surveyors Recharging - The discovery and surveying of 'Recharge' near Midsummer Passage in Agen Allwedd. Gibraltar - A tourist trip to Gibraltar with underground forays into The Keightley Tunnel and St Michael's Cave. Daren Cilau - Bag Haul - A team effort of ferrying bags of rubbish from the rope climb in White Passage to Valentine's Chamber as part of an HRC clear out. Strawberry Passage - Ogof Draenen - A trip to an under-visited and niche part of the Draenen cave system with a fortuitous meeting of 2 under-equipped teams! Vallis Quarry Cave - Information and access about Vallis Quarry Cave in East Mendip Reservoir Hole - Digging activities at Skyfall and Magic Smoke Dig and access arrangements for visiting the cave. G.B. Cave - An evening trip to Great Chamber and Bat Passage in G.B. Cave.

Nos. 1-2, January-February 2014

Nos. 5-6, May-June 2014

Whisky Tasting Evening Report - Review of the Feb 2014 Whisky Night at Whitewalls. Tham Xe Bang Fai - An exciting journey to Tham Xe Bang Fai Cave in Laos, home to world's largest spiders, alien egg formations and the world's biggest gour pools. Access and Conservation News - News from Cambrian Caving Council. Reservoir Hole March/April - An update of digs currently underway in the Frozen Deep area of the cave. Ogof Craig a'r Ffynnon - Rock fall at the Craig a Ffynnon entrance. Cae Coch Sulphur Mine - A short but interesting mine near Trefriw, North Wales. Charterhouse… The Cold Wet Version - Trip to Portal Pool in Charterhouse Cave. A Weekend Trip in the Forest of Dean - Caving trip to Slaughter Stream Cave and a tourist trip to Clearwell Caves. CNWC - Daren Cilau - The Daren through-trip heading in Cnwc and out the Daren Entrance Series to celebrate Lee Hawkswell's 50th birthday.

Nos. 7-8, July-August 2014

Windsor Hill Flood Sink - Digging in the environs of Windsor Hill Flood Sink, near Shepton Mallet in Mendip. Withyhill Cave - A photography trip to Withyhill Cave. Little Neath River Cave - Trip to Little Neath River Cave. Swildon's Hole - Trip to Maypole Aven and Swynne-Puke Passage in Swildon's Hole. News and Updates - With news on access rights on CRoW land and the location and access of new cave Twll Clogfaen. A Mid-South Wales Caving Trip - Trips to OFD and Ogof Cnwc to Busman's and Antler Passage in Daren Cilau. Reservoir Hole 27th May 2014 - Update of the Skyfall dig in Reservoir Hole. CSS BBQ - Photos from the CSS Summer BBQ at Whitewalls, June 2014. Speleo Focus - A spoof interview with caving character 'Daffy'.
Reservoir Hole - Digging at Magic Smoke Dig and Skyfall in the environs of The Frozen Deep in Reservoir Hole. Mendip Underground Reviews - Reviews of the newly released Mendip Underground 5. LED Lights - How to build your own LED caving light. New Holes! - Is the spate of recently opened sink holes related to current heavy rainfall? Recent Trip Reports - A summary of the CSS Curry Weekend in Dec and Annual Dinner Weekend in Jan. Swildon's Hole - Two trips to the Mud Sump in Swildon's Hole.

Nos. 9-10, September-October 2014

Steve Tomalin - A tribute to Steve Tomalin who died July 2014, with an amusing letter penned by Steve back in 1991. Frustration and Boredom in Baile Herculane - Review of the 2014 Eurospeleo conference in Romania, with caving trips to Pestera Epuran, Pestera Topolnita, Pestera Curecea and Grota cu Haiducilor. Charterhouse - Trip to Diesel Duck, Quicksand Chamber and Skeleton Passage in Charterhouse Cave. Caving with a Sexy Russian - Photography trip to Shatter Cave with a Russian model. Neverland - Upper Flood - Trip to see the wonders of Neverland in Upper Flood Swallet. Another Small Find in Agen Allwedd - New discovery at Upper Lower Southern Stream in Agen Allwedd. *also in CSS Newsletter Vol. 56 Nos. 11-12 with survey* Reservoir Hole Update - 4 digging trips made to Reservoir Hole in July and August 2014.

Nos. 11-12, November-December 2014

Upper Keyhole Extended - New discoveries at Keyhole Chamber in Agen Allwedd. Full article in CSS Newsletter Vol. 57 Nos. 1-2 Golden Oldies Meet - Events from the 2014 Golden Oldies Meet and recollections of the early days of CSS. Armchair Caving in Port Quin - Sea caves and mines along the coast of Port Quin Bay in North Cornwall, visited while kayaking. CSS Evening Trips - Evening trips to Porth yr Ogof and the recently discovered Ogof Twll Clogfaen. Mendip Trip Reports - Round up of digs and trips done in 1 month, including Lime Kiln Dig, Longwood Valley Sink, Sludge Pit, Spider Hole and Swildon's Hole. Reservoir Hole Diary - Diary of trips to Reservoir Hole from 2nd September - 7th October 2014 Full Story of Nick's Broken Arm - The events of the trip that Nick Chipchase had his arm broken by a falling boulder in Reservoir Hole. Return to Boreham - A diving trip to visit The China Shop and other parts of this impressive cave. Peak District Weekend - The CSS Peak District Weekend Oct 2014, with a caving trip to The White River Series in Peak Cavern. Another Small Find in Agen Allwedd - New discovery at Upper Lower Southern Stream in Agen Allwedd with survey. Paul Cornelius - Tribute to Paul Cornelius who died October 2014. SRT in the Avon Gorge - SRT in the dramatic Avon Gorge. Index to Volume 56