Nos. 3-6, March-June 2015

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CSS Newsletters 2015 - Volume 57

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Whitchurch Farm Rifts - Interesting slip rifts discovered by excavation in East Mendip. CSS Evening Trips - With a meandering trip around OFD II and Craig a Ffynnon trip to The Hall of the Mountain King. Cave Rescue Practice at Cwmystwyth - Report from an interesting rescue practice in Cwmystwyth Mine with an unusual scenario. Big Sink - An SRT trip to Big Sink in the Forest of Dean. Vurley Swallet - Starting work on the Vurley Swallet digging project and fitting the entrance shaft. Yorkshire - Easter 2015 - 4 Yorkshire trips including Pippikin Pot/Mistral Cave, The Dowbergill Traverse - Providence to Dow, Black Shiver Pot and a Simpson's Pot Pull-through down Great Aven Pitch. Otter Hole Trip Report - A trip to assist with a filming project at the Hall of Thirty and transport the equipment required. Otter Hole Film Project - The Otter Hole filming project and the techniques used to illuminate and film this well decorated and unique cave. CSS Dorset Weekend - Round up of the 2015 CSS Dorset weekend, with a through trip of Ariel/Sandy Cave in Portland and a limestone mine near Swanage. Shatter Cave - Smoke testing in Shatter Cave, Fairy Cave Quarry. HSCC 'Try Caving' Weekend in Mendip - A weekend of taking potential new scout leaders caving in Mendip. Matienzo 2015 - Events from the 2015 Matienzo expedition with trips to Cueva de la Hoyuca and the Vaca, Renada and Villine cave systems and a Via Ferrata.

Nos. 1-2, January-February 2015

Nos. 7-9, July-September 2015

Underwater Potholer by Duncan Price - Book Review of Underwater Potholer by Duncan Price. Nant Rhin and the Children Within - Solo SRT trip to Ogof Nant Rhin from Pont Gam. Sipun Cave Cavtat - A Sneaky trip to Sipon Cave while on holiday in Cavtat, Montenegro. Three Trips in the Peaks - Caving trips to Peak Cavern, the Ice Cream Trail in Rowter Hole and Nettle Pot to Elizabeth, Crumble and Beza pitches. Skeleton Passage - Charterhouse Cave - News of new finds in Charterhouse discovered diving Skeleton Sump. Full report in CSS Newsletter Vol.57, Nos 10-12. Alum Pot - A trip to the bottom of the impressive Alum Pot in Yorkshire. The Eglwys Potato Masher - Construction of the Eglwys Pump (otherwise known as the remote Potato Masher) to drain St Patrick's sump in Eglwys Faen. More Chain Ladders for Daren Cilau - The construction and underground assembly of the new chain ladders at the Eastern Flyover and the route up to Frag Street along Bonsai Streamway. Bradshaw's Cave, Asham Wood Quarry - History, location, access, description and survey of Bradshaw's Cave an on-going dig on Mendip. Wookey Hole - Tunnel to Chamber Twenty - Duncan's involvement in the project to drill a tunnel from Chamber 9 to 20 in Wookey Hole.

Nos. 10-12, October-December 2015

CSS Bonfire Party - Summary of the CSS Bonfire Weekend at Whitewalls November 2015. Best Caving Trips in South Wales - Adrian Fawcett lists what he regards to be the best caving trips in South Wales. Skeleton 2 - Charterhouse Cave - Diving Skeleton Sump in Charterhouse Cave. Return to Reservoir Hole - Nick's first trip back to Reservoir Hole after being hit by a falling boulder there the year before. The Caves of Nagaland - Reconnaissance trip to the caves of the Nagaland State, North-East India. More Climbing in Agen Allwedd - Bolting and climbing up avens above Midsummer Passage in Agen Allwedd. Survey included. Gear Reviews - Reviews for bolting equipment including drills, drill bits and cases. CSS Golden Oldies Meet 2015 - The CSS Golden Oldies annual gathering with walks, pub dinners and nostalgia. Includes photos of Whitewalls during it's renovation in the 1960s. Namibia 2015 - Report from the Namibia 2015 expedition and the caves explored Vurley Swallet - Update on the Vurley Swallet dig, near Cheddar Gorge, Mendip. Derbyshire Weekend - Trip undertaken on the CSS Derbyshire Weekend 2015 with trips to Hourglass Aven in Rowter Hole, Speedwell Streamway in Peak Cavern and through-trips in Hillock's Mine. Cwmystwyth Lead and Copper Mine - SRT trip down to Level Fawr and visit to Herbert's Level. Index to Volume 57
Curry Evening - The Annual CSS Curry Night at Whitewalls. Candidates from North East Somerset and Wells constituencies taken on awareness tour of potential North Somerset gasfield - Local politicians are taken on a caving trip and surface tour to highlight possible issues fracking might cause to the hydrology in the fractured geology of the of the Mendip plateau and Somerset Coalfield. CSS Evening Trips - Trip to the Dinas Silica Mine at Pontneddfechan on Nov 2014. Swildon's Hole - Trip to the Black Hole Series in Swildon's Hole. Mendip Underground - Taking photographs for the upcoming Mendip Underground 5. Keyhole Chamber Extensions - New discoveries at Keyhole Chamber in Agen Allwedd with photos and surveys. Are We There Yet? - Trip to Busman's and Antler Passage going in and out of Cnwc. St Andrew's Well - Diving in St Andrew's Well in the grounds of the Bishop's Palace in Wells. The third largest resurgence in Mendip. Reservoir Hole - Update on progress in Reservoir Hole including a minor breakthrough at Skyfall and preparations to fly a drone over The Frozen Deep. Swildon's Hole - Trip to Sump 2 and back with one of the team injuring his arm. More Caves Visited on Lundy Island - Sea caves explored on Lundy Island including those at Lametry Bay.