Nos. 4-6, April-June 2016

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CSS Newsletters 2016 - Volume 58

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To The End Of Wigmore With Only A Soggy Bottom - A trip to Wigmore 10 via the newly discovered dry route dug from Home Close Hole. The New Club Website - The development of the new CSS website. Tween Twins Hole, alias Fester Dig - Trip to this newly discovered cave in Burrington Combe. Reservoir Hole - The results from a sample of stalagmite taken from Reservoir Hole. Jiuxing Scenic Area - Visit to an impressive showcave and canyon in the Jiuxing Scenic area, China. CSS Evening Trip to the Silica Mines - Trip to the Dinas Silica Mines in the Sychrd Gorge. Yorkshire Easter 2016 - With a trip into Short Drop Cave and out Gavel Pot, down Cow Pot and out Lancaster Hole, Mistral Hole and Washfold Pot. The Upper Hand - A trip to Neverland a well decorated part of Upper Flood Swallet, Mendip.

Nos. 1-3, January-March 2016

Nos. 7-9, July-September 2016

Eurospeleo 2016 Caving Camps - Summary of the Whitewalls Speleocamps which ran for the week before and after Eurospeleo 2016 this year held in the Yorkshire Dales. CSS Golden Oldies Meet Report - The 2016 CSS Golden Oldies annual social gathering with dinner and walks. Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - A trip around the environs of Top Entrance in OFD II. Swildon's Hole - Trip to Sump 1 and back in Swildon's Hole, Mendip. Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - Two very different trips into Craig a Ffynnon, a recent tourist caving trip and reminiscences of an eventful trip when the cave was newly discovered. Pwll Dwfn - An SRT trip to the bottom of Pwll Dwfn. A Not-Caving Trip: Ibbeth Peril II - High water at Ibbeth Peril II entrance. Daren Cilau Joint 100th Birthday Bash - Report from the August Hard Rock Café camp where Mandy and Gonzo celebrated their 100th birthday. Vurley Dig - Summer 2016 - Update of the Vurley Swallet dig in Mendip.

Nos. 10-12, October-December 2016

A Blast from the Past - CSS 1960s - Recollections of CSS's first foray into potholing in the 60s, with trips to Pwll Dwfn, Eastwater Cavern, Bull Pot and Yugoslavia. Simpson's Pot - A pull-through trip from Simpson's Pot to Valley Entrance in the Yorkshire Dales. Digging Projects in Daren Cilau - Digging projects being undertaken by the Hard Rock Café based Daren digging team. Rimstone Revisited - Surveying Rimstone Passage, a high level route above Turkey Streamway in Agen Allwedd. Survey included. Two Autumn Away Weekends - With trips to Baker's Pit and Afton Red Rift in Devon, and an Oxlow/Maskhill exchange and Water Icicle Close Cavern in Derbyshire. Vurley Dig Update - Digging at Vurley Swallet and the effects of the flooding at Cheddar Gorge. Buckingham Mine - Buckingham Mine, trips done there in the past and future digging potential. Castlemartin Range West - Information of access arrangements to Castlemartin Range West and a proposed project to find new caves. Draethen Lead Mines - Access arrangements, research, visitor counter results, bat observations, survey and other useful information about this old Roman and Victorian lead mine. Comings and Goings Off Mendip - Discovery of an undescended shaft near the site Jackdaw Cave (now destroyed). Daren Cilau - Ogof Cnwc - Photographic through trip entering Cnwc and exiting Daren, with photos by Rainer Straub. Nantymwyn Lead Mines - A journey around the various adits of the Nantymwyn Lead Mines in Rhandirmwyn. Index to Volume 58
Tessa Box - Tribute to Tessa Box who died March 2016. Swan Mine (Kingsdown Quarry) - Trip around Swan Mine, a Bath Stone Mine in Kingsdown with 2 cranes, hoof prints, miner's footprints, old graffiti and other artefacts. Agen Allwedd - 29 January 2016 - Trip to investigate various holes in the roof of Main Passage in Agen Allwedd. Reservoir Hole - A trip to Skyfall Aven in Reservoir Hole. Upper Canada Cave, Hutton - An account of the digging activities at Upper Canada Cave. Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - Two very different trips into Craig a Ffynnon, a recent tourist caving trip and reminiscences of an eventful trip when the cave was newly discovered. *See Vol 59 Nos 4-6 for full article* A Magical Mystery Tour in OFD I - A tour of some of the lesser visited routes in OFD 1. CSS Goes All refined - The First Whitewalls Wine and Cheese Party - The CSS February Meet Wine and Cheese Party. Obituaries - Obituaries to Ron Sargent (died Oct 2015), George Neal (died Dec 2015) and Charlie Self (died Feb 2016).