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The club publishes a regular professionally printed newsletter containing a round up of members’ caving trip reports, news, reviews, photos and more. This is currently being produced quarterly and is sent to club members as well as UK and international caving clubs in a publication exchange scheme. All newsletter issues from year 2000 onwards are available on this website as PDF files, and can be downloaded by volume and issue number using the Newsletter Archive page, or simply by clicking the cover page picture on these newsletter archive pages. Download of recent issues (published within the last two years) is restricted to club members only and requires a login.
CHELSEA SPELÆOLOGICAL SOCIETY Caving in Wales, the South of England, and beyond

Latest CSS Newsletters (2022 - Volume 64)

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Nos. 1-3, January-March 2022

CSS Annual Dinner Weekend - Review of the CSS Annual Dinner held at The Old Rectory in January 2022. A Trip to Rampgill Mine - Horse Level - A trip report from Rampgill Mine in Cumbria, with a journey to see the Horse Whimsey in Scaleburn Vein and a foray into Rampgill Vein. Charterhouse Cave - The Charterhouse trip that almost never was, from the CSS Mendip Meet in February 2022. St Cuthbert’s Swallet - Another trip that took place on the CSS Mendip Meet, with a smattering of SRT and good dose of interesting obstacles in St Cuthbert’s Swallet. An Uphill Struggle - A look at the small caves and interesting features of Uphill Quarry near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. Wookey Hole Update - Update on digging progress in Wookey Hole, plus trip reports from Wookey 24 and including a diving/caving exchange trip through the new connection. Old Daren Sunday School - Looking Back and Forward - A recap on work done so far on the Old Daren Sunday School, with an update on current progress and what still remains to be done. Stay Connected - How to stay in the know about CSS events using the members’ chat forums. Aggy Bat Count 2022 - Report from the Annual Aggy Bat Count that took place in January 2022 with data and statistics compared to previous years, plus data from counts done in Ogof Cnwc. New OFD Callout System - Information about the changes to access to OFD and the new Digital Destination Board app. Wendy Camp Cleared! - The removal of the long abandoned “Wendy Camp” in Epocalypse Way, Daren Cilau. A-Z of Caves Part 3 - The concluding instalment of Andy Watson’s A-Z of caves, including caves with letters S to Z.