Other caves of Llangattock

The underworld of Llangattock is dominated by the extensive cave systems of Agen Allwedd and Daren Cilau, but there are also a number of smaller caves along the escarpment which are worth investigating. There are no access restrictions to any of these caves and most are suitable for beginners to enjoy.

Smaller caves within easy walking distance of Whitewalls.

Eglwys Faen

By far the most popular and well-visited of the smaller Llangattock caves and also the most extensive. This is an easy cave for anyone new to caving to enjoy, with its choice of entrances, impressive main chamber and network of passages and crawls to explore.


Ogof Pen Eryr

Another popular beginner-friendly cave, though somewhat more challenging than Eglwys Faen. This is good fun for anyone who enjoys wriggles, squeezes, climbs and crawls with the odd bit of walking-sized passage.


Ogof Gwaliau Gwynion

Though quite a short cave, OGG has some nice formations in the Tinkle Chambers and is a good trip to combine with a visit to nearby Pen Eryr.


Pwll y Gwynt

An unusual and sporting cave situated high in the scree slopes above Agen Allwedd, with a 21m entrance pitch and many interesting challenges on the journey through six lofty avens, including squeezes, climbs, SRT, crawls and mud.


Fells Swoop

A short cave which can be easily visited before or after an Eglwys or Aggy trip.