The club publishes a regular professionally printed newsletter containing a round up of members’ caving trip reports, news, reviews, photos and more. This is currently being produced quarterly and is sent to club members as well as UK and international caving clubs in a publication exchange scheme.

All newsletter issues from year 2000 onwards are available on this website as PDF files, and can be downloaded by volume and issue number using the Newsletter Archive page.

Latest Issue

Volume 66 Nos. 1-3, January-March 2024

Cover: Artwork by Mark ‘Gonzo’ Lumley
  • CSS Officers 2024 - List of CSS committee members for 2024.
  • CSS Photo Calendar - An invitation for members to submit their caving photos for inclusion in a 2025 club calendar.
  • Daren to Cnwc - Trip report from a Daren to Cnwc through-trip undertaken on the December Whitewalls meet.
  • Les Ecouges Canyon (AKA “We’ve Lost Jon” Canyon) - A tale of high adventure and near death experience canyoning in the Vercors, France.
  • A Return to Aggy - A trip to Aggy on the Annual Dinner weekend inspires recollections of previous excursions in the cave.
  • Vogon’s Guide to Cave Digging - The digging bonanza kicks off with Vogons analysis of the creative art of cave digging.
  • Midnight Passage - Spider Chamber - An update on progress at the Spider Chamber dig in Midnight Passage, Agen Allwedd.
  • Sandstone Passage Dig - Dig report from Sandstone Passage, on the opposite side of the Grand Circle to Spider Chamber.
  • BNS 62 Dig - Report from a dig likely to connect Upper Southern Stream to Sandstone Passage in Aggy.
  • Angel’s Roost Dig - Digging and explorations in Angels Roost, in the higher levels of the Aggy entrance series.
  • Digging in Priory Road - A brief summary of activities undertaken on a digging camp in February.
  • Pwll Estrys - Update the digging and entrance stabilising at Pwll Estrys.
  • Gary’s Hole - The discovery of new cave on the Llangattock escarpment with digging progress so far.
  • Daubenton’s Pot - Digging progress at Daubentons Pot, a possible ‘back door to Agen Allwedd.
  • Ogof Caci - Update on progress at the Ogof Caci dig.
  • Digging Update from the Hard Rock Café, Daren Cilau - A summary of digging projects undertaken on the Daren diggers HRC camps since 2021.
  • Becky’s Shaft - Digging in a mine only recently discovered in the Quantocks.
  • Tuesday Diggers Return to Cothelstone - Recent activities at two Quantock's digs, Cothelstone Hill Cave and ‘The Mine Shafts Project’.
  • Digging with John Cooper - Details and surveys from four Mendip digs in Dave Mitchells Cave, Swildons Hole and White Rabbits Hole.
  • Update on Some Mendip Digs - Updates from previous dig sites at Viaduct Sink, Rock Farm Cave and Snake Pit Hole, and current digs at Fernhill Cave and His Lordship's Hole.
  • Underwater Digging at Rickford Rising - Cave digging with the use of innovative techniques underwater.
  • Gibbet’s Brow - News of recent extensions in the Gibbets Brow dig, Mendip.
  • Shenanigans on Portland - A summary of no less than 8 digs currently in progress on the Isle of Portland, Dorset.
  • Aggy Bums - Observations relating to a notable roof feature in Aggy Main Passage.
  • CSS Meets List 2024 - Club events from April-December 2024.
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Previous issues of the CSS Newsletter are available in the archive