The club publishes a regular professionally printed newsletter containing a round up of members’ caving trip reports, news, reviews, photos and more. This is currently being produced quarterly and is sent to club members as well as UK and international caving clubs in a publication exchange scheme.

All newsletter issues from year 2000 onwards are available on this website as PDF files, and can be downloaded by volume and issue number using the Newsletter Archive page.

Latest Issue

Volume 65 Nos. 4-6, April-June 2023

Cover: Rachel Smith in Cova de Na Mitjana, Mallorca. Photo by Martyn Farr.
  • New Internal Locks at Whitewalls - Information on how to use the replacement locks now fitted to Whitewalls library, tackle store and key cupboard.
  • Have I Got News For You - CSS Newsletter is featured on prime time TV as guest publication on 'Have I Got News For You'.
  • More High Level Antics in Agen Allwedd - Update on the progress on the access and exploration of high-level features in Aggy Main Passage.
  • Latest Agen Allwedd High Level News - The surveying and photographing the high-level features above Aggy Main Passage gained after several bolting trips.
  • Bottoming the Berger - A trip to very end of the Gouffre Berger undertaken on 'Camp Berger', an annual event where the cave is pre-rigged for rubbish removal.
  • OFD 2 Bedding Chambers - An evening trip to the Bedding Chambers in OFD, a short but scenic round trip taking in some interesting parts of the cave system.
  • A Diving Trip in Swildon's Hole - A cave diving trip to Sump 6 in Swildon's Hole undertaken on the CSS Mendip Meet.
  • A Burrington Adventure - An epic journey exploring eight different caves in Burrington Combe in one day.
  • Fairy Cave Quarry - A trip to the very well-decorated Shatter Cave and W/L Cave in Fairy Cave Quarry, Mendip.
  • Wookey 24 - A trip to Wookey 24 in Wookey Hole, a part of the cave previously only accessible by diving before the recent dry connection.
  • Mallorca - Sun, Sea and Caves - Report from a caving holiday in Mallorca complete with fantastic photos and lots of useful information of the caves explored.
  • CSS Meets List 2023 - Updated list of CSS events for July-Dec 2023.
  • 4 Days Caving in Classic Yorkshire Potholes - Four days caving in the Yorkshire Dales with trips to Lost John's Cavern, Ireby Fell Cavern, Rowten Pot and an Alum Pot/Diccan Pot exchange.
  • New CSS Tackle Store - The 'Tackle Wardrobe' is no more, we now have a fantastic new bespoke tackle store for Whitewalls.
  • CSS Website Updates - Summary of information recently added to the CSS website including cave surveys, route descriptions and online trip reports.
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Previous issues of the CSS Newsletter are available in the archive