Cave Keys

Some caves are locked for conservation reasons. CSS has keys for the following caves, which all members are free to use without prior arrangement provided they are returned the same day.

  • Ogof Craig a Ffynnon
  • Agen Allwedd
  • Ogof Cnwc (Daren Cilau)
  • Ogof Draenen

We also have a permit for Ogof Ffynnon Ddu allowing members access to the cave. Keys for OFD 1,2 and Cwm Dwr can be arranged via the South Wales Caving Club at

Cave Leaders

Certain caves with vulnerable formations have a leader system in place, for conservation reasons these caves can only be visited with an approved leader or ‘Conservation Warden’. CSS has many leaders and wardens among its membership for caves all around the country. If you would like to arrange a trip, see CSS Members’ Handbook for contact details.

South Wales

Dan yr Ogof - Mandy Voysey, Matt Voysey, Adrian Fawcett, Paul Tarrant, Stuart France, Laura Benn, Rich Smith, Dan Thorne
Party size limited to 4 plus leader - Weather dependent due to flood risk - £5pp conservation fee.

Ogof Capel – Adrian Fawcett, John Stevens, Stuart France, Paul Tarrant, Dan Thorne, Huw Durban, Martyn Farr
Party size limited to 3 plus leader.

Forest of Dean

Otter Hole – Adrian Fawcett, Jann Padley
Party size of 3-5 plus leader - trips dependant on the tidal sump which closes over winter.

North Wales

Ogof Dydd Byraf/Ogof Llyn Ddu – Dewi Lloyd

Milwr Tunnel - (via Rhyd Alyn Mine) – Matt Chinner

Cwmorthin Mine – No leader required, but contact Matt Chinner (from the Go-Below team) for information about access and routes.


Shatter Cave (Fairy Cave Quarry) - Mandy Voysey, Nick Chipchase, Mike Wise
Party size 4 plus leader - £2 pp conservation fee. 

Withyhill Cave (Fairy Cave Quarry) - Nick Chipchase, Mandy Voysey, Mike Wise
Party size 3 plus leader - £2 pp conservation fee.

W/L Cave & Fernhill Cave - Mandy Voysey, Nick Chipchase, Mike Wise
Usually included in a trip to Shatter or Withyhill - Party size 4 plus leader - £2 pp conservation fee.

St Cuthbert’s Swallet – Laura Benn, Rich Smith, Mandy Voysey
Party size limited to 5 plus leader - £2 pp conservation fee.

Reservoir Hole – Nick Chipchase
Party size limited to 3 plus leader.

Wookey Hole – Alex Randall, Tom Williams
Party size limited to 6 plus leader.