If you want to find information on anything caving related, then the CSS club library is the place to go. We have an extensive collection of caving guide books from all karst regions of the UK, including Wales, Yorkshire, Mendip, Derbyshire, Scotland and Ireland. The library also contains an abundance of literature on foreign caving, mines and mining, cave life, history, geology, hydrology and many other caving related books and magazines including Descent.

As well as caving books, we also exchange newsletters with the following clubs, so you can keep up to date with caving news from all over the country:

  • South Wales Caving Club
  • Westminster Speleological Group
  • Wealden Cave and Mine Society
  • Croydon Caving Club
  • Hereford Caving Club
  • Gloucester Speleological Society
  • Bristol Exploration Club
  • Mendip Caving Group
  • Shepton Mallet Caving Club
  • Wessex Cave Club
  • University of Bristol Spelaeological Society
  • Orpheus Caving Club
  • White Rose Pothole Club
  • Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club
  • Craven Pothole Club
  • Bradford Pothole Club
  • William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust
  • Grampian Speleological Group

All books and publications are available for CSS members use and can be booked out for a maximum of 6 weeks.