CSS Newsletters 2011 - Volume 53

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Nos. 1-2, January-February 2011

Cover: Simon Moth descending the main pitch, Sell Gill Hole. Photo by Steve Sharp.
  • The Lot 2010 - A write of the caving trips undertaken by Paul Tarrant in The Lot, France in 2010. Including Saut Pucelle, Grotte de Foissac, Igue de Saint Sol, Event de Miradol and Grotte de Jonquille.
  • Ogof Cnwc Survey - A reprint of the Ogof Cnwc/Busman's Holiday survey. (Previously included in Vol. 52 Nos. 10-11 minus the letter Y).
  • Saye's Hole - in search of the backdoor to Gough's Cave - Underwater digging trips to Saye's Hole in Cheddar Gorge and the possibility of forging a connection with the Gough's Cave system.
  • Caving (sort of) in Sri Lanka - An usual caving trip near the rainforests of Sri Lanka.
  • Wet to Wookey 24 - an update - Diving exploits in Wookey 22 exploring the possibility of connecting the 22 Inlet with Wookey 24 for fully wet route for divers. Survey included.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - Caving trips undertaken by John Cooper from Nov 2010 - Jan 2011.
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Nos. 3-4, March-April 2011

Cover: Andy Snook, Swildon’s Hole. Photo by Steve Sharp.
  • Turkey Sump - A caving trip to Turkey Sump in Agen Allwedd on the CSS Annual Dinner weekend.
  • The Annual Dinner at The Bear - CSS Annual Dinner at The Bear Hotel in Crickhowell.
  • The Inconvenient Truth - An 11 hour trip digging at The Inconvenient Truth in Daren Cilau. Located beyond the Helibeds in Frog Street, above the Bonsai Streamway.
  • SMWCRT 2011 Training Calendar - Details of South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team training events planned throughout the year for 2011.
  • Llygad Llwchwr 2 - Surveying trips to the newly discovered Llygad Llwchwr 2. Full survey of the cave included.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - Trips undertaken by John Cooper on Jan/Feb 2011. 
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Nos. 5-6, May-June 2011

Cover: John Chapman views the Bone Stack in Banwell Bone Cave. Photo by Mark Lumley.
  • Fatality at Pwll y Cwm - Events surrounding the death of Bonnie Cotier, who drowned while diving between Pwll y Cwm and Daren Cilau on 23/4/2011.
  • Dan yr Ogof - A trip to the Far North in this impressive cave system.
  • Dan yr Ogof Water Depth Logger - Charting the results of the water depth logger placed at Pot Sump against the rainfall for the same span of time.
  • The New Daren Cilau Ladders - The fitting of the new heavy duty chain ladder along the Busman's - Antler Passage section of the Cnwc/Daren through-trip.
  • The Story of Banwell Caves - A new book about the Banwell caves and their history and the trip to take some of the photos.
  • Caving Anthem - Suggestions for a new caving anthem with a link to listen to Stuart's own musical composition.
  • Price Sinks to New Depths on Mendip - A recce trip to the terminal sump in Charterhouse Cave and a test dive at the site.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - Reports from the caving and digging trips undertaken by John Cooper in March-May 2011. 
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Nos. 7-8, July-August 2011

Cover: Matt Voysey in Doolin River Cave. Photo by Mark Lumley.
  • Ogof Cynnes - Trip report from the notoriously muddy and awkward to find Ogof Cynnes.
  • NSS Conventions - What are they all about? - Details about the American National Speleological Society conventions and how they differ from Hidden Earth here in the UK.
  • Crackpot Cave - A solo caving and photography trip into Crackpot Cave in the Yorkshire Dales.
  • James Hall Over Engine Mine to Speedwell and Hillock's Mine - A weekend of SRT trips in Derbyshire, with a J.H to Speedwell Streamway trip Saturday and Hillocks on Sunday.
  • Sleepless in Doolin - A week of caving and digging activity with very little sleep in Co. Clare Ireland. With trips to Poulnagollum, Doolin River Cave and Poll Na Gonzo.
  • The Search for The Lost Cave of Axbridge - The discovery of The Lost Cave of Axbridge and the digging efforts involved to find it.
  • Charterhouse Cave Diving Update - Diving the sump at the end of 'Hippos Delight' in Charterhouse Cave.
  • Pant Mawr Pot - SRT trip to the impressive Pant Mawr Pot.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - Trip reports from the various caves/digs visited by John Cooper during May-July 2011.
  • Polish Cavers at Whitewalls - The caving trips and social jollities that took place when a team from Wielkopolski Klub Taterictwa Jaskiniowego came to stay at Whitewalls. 
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Nos. 9-10, September-October 2011

Cover: John Newton in OFD 1. Photo by Steve Sharp.
  • I want to be a Gothic Digger - Caving song of the 'Gothic Diggers' of Agen Allwedd during the 1980s.
  • Thank God I'm not a Gothic Digger - The 'Rock Steady Crew' Daren diggers version of the Agen Allwedd 'Gothic Diggers' caving song.
  • Rescued from Daren Cilau - Richard and Rachel recount the events of Richard Dearden's rescue from Daren Cilau on the 7th August with a fractured shoulder.
  • A Bimble in the Wiltshire Countryside - An investigative journey around the swallet holes near the villages of Tisbury and Newtown.
  • Caves in Eastern Scotland near Arbroath - A wander around the sea caves in the Arbroath area of Scotland with grid refs.
  • CSS Golden Oldies Meet in Crickhowell - Events from the annual 'Golden Oldies' meet in Crickhowell.
  • The Dave Pike Incident - A compilation of reports from the near drowning of Dave Pike during a diving rescue practice in Wookey Hole 1987.
  • St Govan's Head a and finding Ogof Gofan's elusive entrance - Useful guide for anyone planning a visit to Ogof Gofan, with info on the location and rigging of this cliff side cave.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - Reports from the caving and digging trips undertaken by John Cooper during August-October 2011
  • Welsh Trip Round-up - Trip reports from a variety of CSS events during 2011, including caving trips to Llygad Llwchwr, Little Neath, Pant Mawr and socials at Whitewalls.
  • Montenegro 2011 - Gary's account of events and caves explored on 2011 Montenegro expedition.
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Nos. 11-12, November-December 2011

Cover: John Newton in OFD 2. Photo by Steve Sharp.
  • Caving in the Channel Islands - A trip to the Gouliot Caves and Boutique Caves on the Isle of Sark in the Channel Isles, full of sea life and wonder.
  • Ogof Cnwc, Access Update - Update on the installation of new chain ladders and fixed aids in Ogof Cnwc.
  • Peak Cavern - Trip to the White River Series in Peak Cavern.
  • Another Year with ATLAS - A round up of the digging activities undertaken by the ATLAS digging team in Mendip and a re-survey of the caves of Fairy Cave Quarry.
  • Didn't We Have A Lovely Time The Day We Went To Frog Street - A jolly day trip to 'The Inconvenient Truth' dig in Frog Street, Daren Cilau.
  • Bonfire Weekend - A summary of event and trips undertaken during the 2011 Whitewalls Bonfire Weekend.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - Caving and digging trips done by John Cooper during October and November 2011.
  • Index to Volume 53 - Index of contents of Vol. 53 CSS Newsletter. 
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