CSS Newsletters 2013 - Volume 55

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Nos. 1-2, January-February 2013

Cover: Ancient relics admiring the artifacts in Dinas Silica Mines. Photo by Dan Thorne.
  • The Agen Allwedd Album - List of songs with associations with Agen Allwedd.
  • Montenegro 2012 - A summary of events and explorations undertaken on the Montenegro 2012 Expedition.
  • A Western Mendip Bimble - Caving trips to Loxton Cave, Loxton Quarry Cave, Denny's Hole and Sandy Cave in West Mendip.
  • Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - North West Inlet - Trip to the end of North West Inlet in Craig a Ffynnon.
  • Dinas Silica Mines - Trip to 3 of the Dinas Silica Mines and some history about the mining there.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - Brief write ups of the 32 caving and digging trips undertaken by John Cooper from Nov 2012-Jan 2013. 
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Nos. 3-4, March-April 2013

Cover: Paul Dold in OFD 2. Photo by Steve Sharp.
  • Caves and Global Warming - News of a study where global warming and cooling over the last 500.000 years has been identified by radio isotopic dating of stalagmites in Russia and Mongolia.
  • Caving in Devon - A comprehensive list of Devon caves with access information, grid refs and short description. Includes all the well known and popular caves and lots of interesting lesser visited sites.
  • Boreham Cave Part 1 - Diving and kit malfunctions in Boreham Cave.
  • Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - A CSS evening trip to the wonders of Craig a Ffynnon.
  • CSS Dinner - Report from the CSS Annual Dinner 2013.
  • Digging in Read's Cavern - Digging at LADS Luck in Read's Cavern with schematic diagram of the system, Steve Milner's account of the dramatic collapse in 1984 and photos past and present.
  • Pottering About on Mendip - John Cooper's trip reports from the various caving and digging trips he's undertaken from Jan - March 2013. 
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Nos. 5-6, May-June 2013

Cover: Stu Gardiner rigging in Thrupe Lane Swallet. Photo by Steve Sharp.
  • Are the Mendips about to become a Gas Field? - Report on the possibility of fracking in Mendip and the some of the implications should it occur.
  • Operation Tankard - Trip to the high-level series above Chamber 9 in Wookey Hole, and some history of it's discovery in 1970.
  • Bill Maxwell - A tribute to Bill Maxwell a founder member of CSS who died March 2013.
  • Miss Grace's Lane Cave - An interesting trip to Miss Grace's Lane in the Forest of Dean.
  • Daren Cilau, Collapse in Acupuncture Passage - Report of a collapse in Acupuncture Passage in Daren Cilau currently blocking the route to the REU from HRC.
  • HSCC Club Trip to Devon - A weekend of visiting some of the more unusual caves of Devon with Hampshire Scouts.
  • New Caving Exhibition at Wells and Mendip Museum - Construction of a new caving exhibition in Wells and Mendip Museum. 
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Nos. 7-8, July-August 2013

Cover: Twin Verticals, Eastwater Cavern. Photo by Steve Sharp.
  • STOP The Mendip Gas Fields - A campaign to inform people of the implications fracking could have on Mendip.
  • Montenegro 2013 - Events from the small-scale expedition to search for an over-flow resurgence in Spila Risanska and explore sites discovered but un-descended in the 2012 expedition.
  • Any Old Bags Out There? - Details of the clear out of old kit and rubbish at the Hard Rock Café camp in Daren Cilau.
  • HSCC Club Trip to Devon - A weekend of visiting some of the more unusual caves of Devon with Hampshire Scouts (reprint).
  • Renewed Interest in Pwll Estrys - Surveying, digging and a small breakthrough in Pwll Estrys on the Llangattock escarpment. Includes survey.
  • Miss Grace's Lane - An interesting trip to Miss Grace's Lane in the Forest of Dean (reprint).
  • CSS Mendip Weekend - Round up trips undertaken and BBQ on the 2013 Mendip Meet.
  • Muddy Waters - Dye tracing, hydrology and the mystery of unusually muddy and cloudy water encountered in Agen Allwedd.
  • Extracts from the Forum - A medley of trip reports taken from the CSS online message board, including bat count, walking in Yorkshire, Agen Allwedd, Eglwys Faen and Tarddiad Rhymney.
  • CO2 Levels in Charterhouse Cave - Analysis of CO2 levels in various parts of the Charterhouse Cave system. 
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Nos. 9-10, September-October 2013

Cover: Lundy Island.
  • An Update on the Caves, Mines and Other Underground Items of Interest on Lundy Island - A special edition of the CSS Newsletter, full of information, photos and surveys of the caves of Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel.
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Nos. 11-12, November-December 2013

Cover: The Helibeds, Daren Cilau. Photo by Mark Lumley.
  • Bill Maxwell and the Cave Fauna - Details of Bill Maxwell's activities in the realm of cave biology.
  • CSS Golden Oldies Celebrate 50 Years of Whitewalls - The CSS 'Golden Oldies' gather to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Whitewalls. Including photos of the renovation of the cottage in the 60s.
  • Ogof Pont Gam - Ogof Nant Rhin - An SRT through-trip from Ogof Pont Gam to Ogof Nant Rhin.
  • Sludge Pit Hole - Trip to Sludge Pit Hole in Mendip.
  • CSS Curry Meet - Summary of the CSS Curry Night, December 2013.
  • Trip to North Wales - Weekend of mountain walking in the Ogwen Valley and a trip to mine near Betws Y Coed.
  • Index to Volume 55 
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