CSS Newsletters 2017 - Volume 59

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Nos. 1-3, January-March 2017

Cover: Mandy Voysey crossing MAGS Catwalk, Coniston Copper Mines. Photo by Matt Voysey.
  • Going on a Turkey Hunt - Search for the turkey formation in Turkey Streamway, Agen Allwedd.
  • Digging the Limekiln Dig (Ogof Caci) - Digging progress in Ogof Caci and requirements for digging at SSSI sites.
  • Aggy Sand Caverns - Trip to the impressive Sand Caverns in Agen Allwedd.
  • Correspondence - Correspondence between Alan (Goon) Jeffries and John Stevens regarding the BNS initials found in the mud floor of Rimstone Passage, Agen Allwedd.
  • A Theory of Things at Fairy Cave Quarry - The geology of Shatter and Withyhill caves and their relationship between the two caves.
  • More Finds Above Turkey Stream - Surveying and exploration of HL2 above the Turkey Streamway in Agen Allwedd. Survey included.
  • Coniston Copper Mines Visit - A trip to the Paddy End section of the Coniston Copper Mines.
  • HSCC Club Trip to Attborough Swallet - Trip to Attborough Swallet, Mendip.
  • Crocodiles and Bats - Crocodiles and bats living in the Abanda Cave System, Gabon. 
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Nos. 4-6, April-June 2017

Cover: Mike Read in Grotte du Moulin des Iles, Jura, France. Photo by Matt Voysey.
  • North Choke Withyhill - Analysis of the digging possibilities at North Choke in Withyhill, Fairy Cave Quarry.
  • Brotherswater Lead Mine - Trip to Brotherswater Lead Mine in Patterdale, Lake District National Park.
  • Suckered Back to Big Sink - An SRT trip to Big Sink. A sporting cave in the Forest of Dean.
  • Inner Circle - Summertime - Agen Allwedd - Surveying the Inner Circle route in Agen Allwedd. Survey included.
  • Shattered in Swildon's - A trip to Shatter Chamber in Swildon's Hole.
  • Sunday Morning so it must be Swildon's Hole - Trip to Shatter Chamber in Swildon's Hole.
  • Cornish Mines Weekend - Trips to 2 very different mines in Cornwall, Bellan Mine and SRT trip with fantastic blue formations and Cligga Head a large network of walking passages in the sea cliffs.
  • Holwell Cave - Andy returns to Holwell Cave 40 years on from his first visit.
  • Ogof Draenen Waterfall Series - A trip to the Waterfall Series, an interesting a rarely visited part of the Draenen series.
  • Little Neath River Cave - A trip to Little Neath River Cave.
  • Whitewalls Working Weekend - Round up of all work done on the May 2017 Whitewalls working weekend with photos.
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Nos. 7-9, July-September 2017

Cover: Jennie Lawrence, Ogof Gofan, July 2017. Photo by Matt Voysey.
  • The Old Daren Sunday School - The purchase of the Old Daren Sunday School and plans for its renovation and use.
  • CSS Visit to Yorkshire - Whitsun 2017 - Trips to Gaping Gill and Top Sink done on the CSS Yorkshire Meet 2017.
  • Bypassing Eastern Flyover Choke - New dig site in Half Mile Passage (Flyby) hoped to connect with the Eastern Flyover beyond the choke. Survey included.
  • Daren Camp , August 18th-20th - Summary of events from the August 2017 Hard Rock Café Daren camp.
  • Llanelly Quarry Pot - An evening trip to Llanelly Quarry Pot.
  • Charterhouse Cave - A trip to the Portal Pool and back in Charterhouse Cave, Mendip.
  • CSS Mendip BBQ Weekend - General round up of trips that took place on the CSS Mendip meet 2017.
  • CSS Pembrokeshire Weekend - Summary of what took place on the Pembrokeshire Meet including a trip to Ogof Gofan.
  • Choked - Reminiscences of the early days of the CSS and the formation of the club told by one of our founder members.
  • Journal from Jura - Trips undertaken on the 2016 CSS trip to the Jura region of France with trips to Gouffre des Ordons, Belle Louise, Moulin des Iles, Jerusalem, Chauveroche and Pourpevelle and the Baume du Verneau via ferrata.
  • The Great Holwell Cavern Mystery - Reminiscences of caving and digging in Holwell Cavern in the 60s and mystery of possible virgin cave. Survey included.
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Nos. 10-12, October-December 2017

Cover: Mike Read in Llanberis Copper Mine East, Oct 2017. Photo by Matt Voysey.
  • Croesor-Rhosydd - Two accounts of the infamous through-trip from Croesor to Rhosydd, slate mines in Blaenau Ffestiniog North Wales, featuring zip lines and boating.
  • Llanberis Copper Mine East - An SRT trip to an interesting copper mine on the mountainside near Llanberis.
  • Cwmorthin Mine - Trip to Cwmorthin Slate Mine in North Wales.
  • Central Avenue-Summertime-Agen Allwedd - Surveying and digging in the Central Avenue area of the Summertime Series in Agen Allwedd.
  • Daren Camp Update - Events from the November 2017 Hard Rock Café Daren camp.
  • Return to Totem Aven - An investigative/bolting trip to the top of Totem Aven in Llanelly Quarry Pot,
  • Old Daren Sunday School Progress - Plans for the Old Daren Sunday School, CSS's newly acquired property.
  • Some Daren Sunday School History - Census and map info showing the history of the Old Daren Sunday School.
  • Old Daren Sunday School Photos - Recollection of Jim Catt staying at Old Daren Sunday School in the 50s and 60s with photos.
  • Index to Volume 59
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