CSS Newsletters 2019 - Volume 61

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Nos. 1-3, January-March 2019

Cover: Hillier’s Cave, Mendip. Photo by Matt Voysey.
  • Adventures in Frongoch Mine - A trip to Frongoch Mine, and old lead and zinc mine in Ceredigion with mining artefacts, formations and flooded stopes.
  • A Schoolboy's Introduction to Squalor, Darkness and Adrenaline - Mark 'Gonzo' Lumley's tale of his introduction to caving back in 1969, with trips to Goatchurch Cavern, Sidcot Swallet and Sunset Hole.
  • Mendip Meanderings - Digging updates for Reservoir Hole and Vurley Swallet and the filming with the Freem's in Fairy Cave Quarry.
  • Epocalypse Chokes - Daren Cilau - A trip to the Epocalypse Chokes in Daren Cilau.
  • Pant Mawr Pot - An SRT trip to Pant Mawr Pot visiting the Organ Loft and a massive toad.
  • Parc Mine - An SRT through trip in Parc Lead Mine, North Wales.
  • More Work on the ODSS - Work done on the Old Daren Sunday School on 8th-10th Feb and a caving/surveying trip to Cnwc.
  • Pom Pom Passage - OFD II - A trip to Pom Pom Passage and Fault Aven Series in OFD done as part of a through-trip from Cwm Dwr to Top Entrance.
  • Goodbye, Harry - Tribute to Harry Pearman, a founder member of CSS who died February 2019.
  • Silverline 361253 Heavy Duty Cable Puller - A Gear review for Silverline 361253 Heavy Duty Cable Puller and how it's been put to good use at a dig in Half Mile Passage, Daren Cilau.
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Nos. 4-6, April-June 2019

Cover: Gian Ameri with ‘El Vigilant’ in Cova de Sa Gleda,Mallorca, March 2019. Photo by Laurent Miroult.
  • Pwll Y Gwynt - An SRT trip to one of the lesser-visited caves of the Llangattock escarpment.
  • Dan yr Ogof - A trip to the '37 Series and Corbel's Chamber, both interesting parts of the cave system not necessitating doing the Long Crawl.
  • ODSS Scaffolding Weekend - Photographic account of the preparations made to the Old Daren Sunday School in April 2019 in readiness for the new roof work.
  • My First Caving Trip or How I began my Illustrious Caving Career. - Six CSS members tell how they came to be cavers and what their first trips were.
  • Aggy Bat Count - Report from the 2019 Annual Bat Count in Agen Allwedd.
  • Tyning's Barrows Swallet - Write up of a trip to Tyning's Barrows Swallet with advice about tackle requirements.
  • Loose Rocks in Agen Allwedd - A trip to Cascade Inlet and back and a surprising rock movement encountered along the way.
  • Cova de Sa Gleda - Diving exploration, surveying and photography in a spectacular Mallorcan cave.
  • Mendip Photography Weekend - A weekend of photography with trips to Hunters' Lodge Inn Sink, Eastwater - Dark Cars and Sunglasses, Beechen Series, Twin Verts, 13 Pots and Swildon's Hole to Mud Sump and Sump 1.
  • Epocalypse Chokes - A trip to the Epocalypse Chokes in Daren Cilau to take some photos of this under-visited part of the system.
  • Aggy and Daren Trip Statistics - Charts and statistics showing which destinations are the most popular in Agen Allwedd and Daren Cilau.
  • The ODSS Big Roofing Week - During the week of 23rd May-2nd June 2019 much work was done on the Old Daren Sunday school, including the removal of the old roof and a start on the re-building of a new one.
  • My Review of Eglwys Faen - Trip report from a father and daughter trip to Eglwys Faen.
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Nos. 7-9, July-September 2019

Cover: Rachel Smith in Ogof Fawr, July 2019. Photo by Martyn Farr.
  • Book Review- Bats by Phil Richardson - Review of Bats by Phil Richardson, Natural History Museum Life Series.
  • The Longer Llangattock Traverse - The tale of an epic Daren through trip entering Cnwc and diving out Pwll y Cwm initially undertaken on Connor's stag weekend.
  • Frostbite in a Heatwave - A trip to North-West Inlet - Craig a Ffynnon, involving a railways and an enormous crocodile.
  • Darn Near Killed I! - An inspirational journey through the cave system and the sites that might yield more discoveries.
  • Carrion Slocker - Description of the cave, location and history and an update on the dig.
  • ODSS Roofing Part 2 - Progress report on the re-roofing of the Old Daren Sunday School and work done on the CSS BBQ weekend on 27th-30th June.
  • Mid Wales Mines - Write up the CSS Mid-Wales Mines Weekend with trips to Henfwlch, Camdwrbach and Cwmystwyth Mines.
  • Sunday School Take 3 - Old Daren Sunday School working weekend on 19th-21st July 2019 which saw the completion of the main roof.
  • Ogof Fawr - Write up of a caving and photography trip to Ogof Fawr.
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Nos. 10-12, October-December 2019

Cover: Gareth Jones in The Vice, Daren Cilau. Photo by Matt Voysey.
  • Ogof Rhyd Sych - A trip report from a notoriously tight and flood prone cave with fine formations.
  • Surveying Parc Lead Mine - Details of techniques used while solo surveying in Parc Lead Mine, Gwydyr Forest.
  • Rescon'd from Wookey - Duncan's experience of being dived in a stretcher from Wookey chamber 22 to 20 in rescue practice for Rescon 2019 conference, with a report from the Dave Pike incident of 1987.
  • The Famous Five go Loopy in Derbyshire - A trip to the former showcave of Wapping Mine and Cumberland Cavern with a variety of loop routes and some facts about its history.
  • Peak Cavern! - Description of a streamway trip undertaken in Peak Cavern.
  • Five Have a Wonderful Time - A Maskhill Mine Oxlow cavern Exchange - Trip report from an SRT exchange trip from Maskhill Mine to Oxlow Cavern in Derbyshire.
  • Giant's Hole - The Giant's Hole round trip, a Derbyshire classic!
  • Titan! - Write up of a trip to the Peak Cavern System via the mighty Titan Shaft.
  • Helen and Trevor Have Fun Not Caving in The Peak District - A tale of drinking, caving games, walking the Tissington Trail and visiting Creswell Crags on the CSS Derbyshire weekend.
  • South Wales Cave Fest Weekend - Mandy takes a jolly motley crew of Cavefest participants on the Daren round trip.
  • Daren Cilau: HRC and Western Flyover Clean-Up Project - Plans to clean up HRC and the old Western Flyover camp in Daren Cilau, and report from the last camp.
  • New Life at Whitewalls - Discovery of a Springtail colony living at Whitewalls.
  • Easy Drain Grundies - Why cheap lacy panties are well suited to caving.
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