CSS Newsletters 2022 - Volume 64

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Nos. 1-3, January-March 2022

Cover: Wookey 24, downstream of Sting Corner. Photo by Clive Westlake.
  • CSS Annual Dinner Weekend - Review of the CSS Annual Dinner held at The Old Rectory in January 2022.
  • A Trip to Rampgill Mine - Horse Level - A trip report from Rampgill Mine in Cumbria, with a journey to see the Horse Whimsey in Scaleburn Vein and a foray into Rampgill Vein.
  • Charterhouse Cave - The Charterhouse trip that almost never was, from the CSS Mendip Meet in February 2022.
  • St Cuthbert’s Swallet - Another trip that took place on the CSS Mendip Meet, with a smattering of SRT and good dose of interesting obstacles in St Cuthbert’s Swallet.
  • An Uphill Struggle - A look at the small caves and interesting features of Uphill Quarry near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.
  • Wookey Hole Update - Update on digging progress in Wookey Hole, plus trip reports from Wookey 24 and including a diving/caving exchange trip through the new connection.
  • Old Daren Sunday School - Looking Back and Forward - A recap on work done so far on the Old Daren Sunday School, with an update on current progress and what still remains to be done.
  • Stay Connected - How to stay in the know about CSS events using the members’ chat forums.
  • Aggy Bat Count 2022 - Report from the Annual Aggy Bat Count that took place in January 2022 with data and statistics compared to previous years, plus data from counts done in Ogof Cnwc.
  • New OFD Callout System - Information about the changes to access to OFD and the new Digital Destination Board app.
  • Wendy Camp Cleared! - The removal of the long abandoned “Wendy Camp” in Epocalypse Way, Daren Cilau.
  • A-Z of Caves Part 3 - The concluding instalment of Andy Watson’s A-Z of caves, including caves with letters S to Z.
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Nos. 4-6, April-June 2022

Cover: Adrian Fawcett in It’s a Cracker/Notts 2, May 2022. Photo by Matt Chinner.
  • New Locks at Whitewalls - Information about the new external and internal locking system at Whitewalls and how to use it.
  • Tywarnhayle Copper Mine - A trip to Tywarnhayle Mine, an interesting copper mine in located in Cornwall.
  • Mull - Mackinnon's Cave - Mackinnon's Cave and other sites of spelaeological interest along the coastal walk of Lochbuie to Carsaig on the Isle of Mull.
  • Three Trefil Caves - A day caving in Ogof Ap Robert, Garn-y-Bica and Tarddiad Rhymni with plenty of walking in between.
  • Hydrology and digging potential in the environs of Trefil - A brief look at the possibility of an undiscovered cave system in the Trefil area based on hydrological test results.
  • A Trip to Llygad Lllwchwr 1 & 2 - Trip report from the April CSS trip to the Llygad Llwchwr caves and the interesting tale of the discovery and history of Llygad Lllwchwr 1.
  • It's a Cracker - The first of a collection of trip reports from the CSS Yorkshire Trip. This from a trip from It's a Cracker to Notts 2 in Leck Fell.
  • Car Pot and Juniper Gulf - After finding a Car Pot more constricted than usual the team on to Juniper Gulf instead. Which turned out to be lucky for a sheep in need of rescue.
  • Short Drop Cave and Gavel Pot - A trip from Short Drop Cave to Gavel Pot and back, with a bit of rigging complication along the way.
  • Notts Pot - A trip to Notts Pot with two different routes rigged, and a lot of water on the lower pitches.
  • Lancaster Hole - Wilf Taylor's trip - Photos from a Lancaster Hole to Wilf Taylor's trip.
  • Pool Sink - A trip to Pool Sink with some alternative rigging options suitable for low water conditions.
  • Magnetometer Pot - An evening trip to Magnetometer Pot as far as Caton Hall.
  • Scanty Lardos Pot - Trip report from this interesting and seemingly under-visited cave in Upper Littondale.
  • Big Meanie - An exchange trip between Big Meanie and Death's Head Hole in Leck Fell, where the constriction in the Big Meanie entrance proved 'interesting' for some.
  • Swinsto! - The classic Swinsto pull-through trip, one of the best trips in the Dales!
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Nos. 7-9, July-September 2022

Cover: Rachel Smith in Gouffre de Matte
Arnaud, Aude, France. Photo by Martyn Farr.
  • New Cottage Windows - New double glazed windows fitted in Whitewalls.
  • Could We Put Trefil on the Map - A suggested plan of action for digging in the environs of Trefil and Ffynnon Shon Sheffrey.
  • Waterhay to Cardiff via Whitewalls - A two day cycling adventure from Wiltshire to South Wales.
  • Powerballs Recipe - Recipe for 'Powerballs', the perfect energy-rich snack for caving, cycling and outdoor pursuits.
  • Beeline - A gear review for Beeline, a handlebar mounted cycling navigational device.
  • Adventures in Aude - Caving and sightseeing in the Aude area of France, with trips to Tunnel de Pierre Lys, Font de Dotz, Gouffre de Matte Arnaude and Grotte de Limousis.
  • Wookey Hole Culverts - A post-dive exploration of the culverts beneath the Wookey Hole Paper Mill.
  • This is what the trendy caver was wearing back in the early 60s - Before and after photos from a Swildon's Hole trip in the 1960s.
  • The Burren on a Bike - A cycling journey to the Burren to look at various on-going and prospective digging projects there.
  • The Old, The Bold and The Cold Visit Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - A caving trip to Craig a Ffynnon and some tips on cave photography.
  • The 1984 Series - A caving trip to the 1984 Series, a rarely visited collector's piece in Agen Allwedd with some new discoveries.
  • A Jubilee of New Passage - The discovery of Anniversary Chamber and Jubilee Passage on a trip to the 1984 series in Agen Allwedd.
  • CSS Meets 2022 - Details of club meets for the remainder of 2022.
  • Cwmorthin/Oakeley Slate Quarry - CSS trip to the Cwmorthin/Oakeley slate mines in Blaenau Ffestiniog, North Wales. With two round trips and a visit to an old showmine, plenty of artefacts and some gymnastic srt.
  • Daren Cilau Fixed Aids - Restaurant at the End of the Universe - News of ongoing rigging improvements carried out by the Daren Diggers in the environs of REU.
  • Maenofferen Slate Mine - The trip to Maenofferen Slate Mine on the CSS North Wales weekend.
  • The Abercwmeiddaw Binoculars - The boreholes in Abercwmeiddaw Quarry made by the George Hunter Tunnelling Machine (also used in Maenofferen Slate Mine).
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Nos. 10-12, October-December 2022

Cover: Kat Hawkins in Agen Allwedd Main Passage. Photo by Dewi Lloyd.
  • Upcoming Meets - Meets list for club events Jan-March 2023.
  • New CSS Rope Washer - News of the newly installed 'Scrubbarope' and 'Ropeaway' installed outside Whitewalls for easier rope cleaning and coiling.
  • Wookey 22 - Edmund's Chamber - A photography trip to Wookey 22 via the relatively recently discovered 'dry route', with the photographic result included.
  • A Tale of Two Round Trips - Write up of the two SRT round trips in Peak Cavern undertaken on the CSS Derbyshire Meet - JH & Ride of the Valkyries and White River Series.
  • Eldon Hole - Trip report from Eldon Hole, one of the Sunday trips from the October Derbyshire Meet.
  • P8 - Report from the trip to P8, also on the Sunday of the Oct Derbyshire Meet.
  • 18th International Speleological Union Congress - A summary of the UIS caving congress that took place in Le-Bouget-du Lac, France, July 2022.
  • CSS Annual Dinner and AGM - Information relating the upcoming 2023 Annual Dinner and AGM weekend.
  • Club Website Updates - News relating to the newly revamped and enhanced club website and the new features added.
  • Daren Cilau - Beyond Hard Rock Café - Route description taking you on a journey from the Hard Rock Café camp to Last Spit Choke, the very end of the cave roughly 6 miles from the surface.
  • Canyoning in Hell Gill - A canyoning trip through the Hell Gill gorge on the Cumbria/Yorkshire border in the Eden Valley.
  • Bye Bye Bruce Bedford - Tribute to former CSS member Bruce Bedford and the many contributions he made to the caving and literary world before his death on November 2022 aged 79.
  • Earlier Mine Exploration - Reminiscence of a surprising artefact discovered on a mine exploration trip.
  • Agen Allwedd - Midnight Passage - Write up of 2 digging trips and a recent breakthrough in Midnight Passage in Agen Allwedd, coupled with information of previous digging efforts in the area.
  • Index to Volume 64 - Index to contents of the 4 issues of CSS Newsletters Vol. 64 (2022).
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