CSS Newsletters 2024 - Volume 66

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Nos. 1-3, January-March 2024

Cover: Artwork by Mark ‘Gonzo’ Lumley
  • CSS Officers 2024 - List of CSS committee members for 2024.
  • CSS Photo Calendar - An invitation for members to submit their caving photos for inclusion in a 2025 club calendar.
  • Daren to Cnwc - Trip report from a Daren to Cnwc through-trip undertaken on the December Whitewalls meet.
  • Les Ecouges Canyon (AKA “We’ve Lost Jon” Canyon) - A tale of high adventure and near death experience canyoning in the Vercors, France.
  • A Return to Aggy - A trip to Aggy on the Annual Dinner weekend inspires recollections of previous excursions in the cave.
  • Vogon’s Guide to Cave Digging - The digging bonanza kicks off with Vogons analysis of the creative art of cave digging.
  • Midnight Passage - Spider Chamber - An update on progress at the Spider Chamber dig in Midnight Passage, Agen Allwedd.
  • Sandstone Passage Dig - Dig report from Sandstone Passage, on the opposite side of the Grand Circle to Spider Chamber.
  • BNS 62 Dig - Report from a dig likely to connect Upper Southern Stream to Sandstone Passage in Aggy.
  • Angel’s Roost Dig - Digging and explorations in Angels Roost, in the higher levels of the Aggy entrance series.
  • Digging in Priory Road - A brief summary of activities undertaken on a digging camp in February.
  • Pwll Estrys - Update the digging and entrance stabilising at Pwll Estrys.
  • Gary’s Hole - The discovery of new cave on the Llangattock escarpment with digging progress so far.
  • Daubenton’s Pot - Digging progress at Daubentons Pot, a possible ‘back door to Agen Allwedd.
  • Ogof Caci - Update on progress at the Ogof Caci dig.
  • Digging Update from the Hard Rock Café, Daren Cilau - A summary of digging projects undertaken on the Daren diggers HRC camps since 2021.
  • Becky’s Shaft - Digging in a mine only recently discovered in the Quantocks.
  • Tuesday Diggers Return to Cothelstone - Recent activities at two Quantock's digs, Cothelstone Hill Cave and ‘The Mine Shafts Project’.
  • Digging with John Cooper - Details and surveys from four Mendip digs in Dave Mitchells Cave, Swildons Hole and White Rabbits Hole.
  • Update on Some Mendip Digs - Updates from previous dig sites at Viaduct Sink, Rock Farm Cave and Snake Pit Hole, and current digs at Fernhill Cave and His Lordship's Hole.
  • Underwater Digging at Rickford Rising - Cave digging with the use of innovative techniques underwater.
  • Gibbet’s Brow - News of recent extensions in the Gibbets Brow dig, Mendip.
  • Shenanigans on Portland - A summary of no less than 8 digs currently in progress on the Isle of Portland, Dorset.
  • Aggy Bums - Observations relating to a notable roof feature in Aggy Main Passage.
  • CSS Meets List 2024 - Club events from April-December 2024.
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