CSS Newsletters 2023 - Volume 65

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Nos. 1-3, January-March 2023

Cover: Nameless Canyon, Daren Cilau. Photo by Matt Voysey.
  • High Level Features in Agen Allwedd - Prospecting options in the higher levels of Aggy Main Passage, with high-grade survey.
  • High Level Antics in Aggy - Progress on Joe's bolting and climbing project to gain access to possible high-level extensions in Aggy Main Passage.
  • East Rhydtalog Mine - Exploration of a mine adit that would normally be submerged in water.
  • Caving with Home Comforts - Caving in the comfort on your own home, with the use of a virtual reality headset.
  • Thoughts on Two Digs - A geological view of two very different dig sites, Vurley Swallet in Mendip and 'The Caverns' in the Quantocks, including an update on digging activities at both sites.
  • Heron Pot - Caving trip to Heron Pot in the Yorkshire Dales.
  • Garth Iron Mines - A photo-packed article about the history and wonders of Garth Iron Mines, a site that is sadly no longer accessible for trips.
  • Bridge Cave - A photographic caving trip to Bridge Cave and a reminder of what a fine cave it is.
  • Sunday School Progress - Update on renovation progress on the Old Daren Sunday School over the autumn and winter.
  • Wookey 24 Warden Trip - A Wookey Hole Warden's familiarisation trip to Wookey 24 for the new cave access system.
  • CSS Annual Dinner - Summary of the well-attended CSS Annual Dinner that took place in January 2023.
  • Cave Rescue Awards for CSS Members - Distinguished Service awards presented to CSS members from the South and Mid-Wales Cave Rescue Team.
  • Remembering Arthur - Memories of digging, caving and club hut building with Arthur Millett, who died in February 2023.
  • Reflections on a Cantankerous Surveyor - A tribute to the character of Arthur Millett.
  • Arthur on Expedition in the Soviet Union - Anecdote from the 'Kugitang 90' expedition.
  • Midnight Passage Dig Update - An update on digging progress in the environs of Midnight Passage, Agen Allwedd complete with a survey of the new finds.
  • CSS Meets List 2023 - Calendar of club events scheduled to take place in 2023.
  • Tribute to Dave A. Dadley - Tribute to ex-CSS member Dave Dadley and his contributions to cave exploration and explosive times at Whitewalls.
  • New Library Acquisitions - Details of new and donated books in the Whitewalls library.
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Nos. 4-6, April-June 2023

Cover: Rachel Smith in Cova de Na Mitjana, Mallorca. Photo by Martyn Farr.
  • New Internal Locks at Whitewalls - Information on how to use the replacement locks now fitted to Whitewalls library, tackle store and key cupboard.
  • Have I Got News For You - CSS Newsletter is featured on prime time TV as guest publication on 'Have I Got News For You'.
  • More High Level Antics in Agen Allwedd - Update on the progress on the access and exploration of high-level features in Aggy Main Passage.
  • Latest Agen Allwedd High Level News - The surveying and photographing the high-level features above Aggy Main Passage gained after several bolting trips.
  • Bottoming the Berger - A trip to very end of the Gouffre Berger undertaken on 'Camp Berger', an annual event where the cave is pre-rigged for rubbish removal.
  • OFD 2 Bedding Chambers - An evening trip to the Bedding Chambers in OFD, a short but scenic round trip taking in some interesting parts of the cave system.
  • A Diving Trip in Swildon's Hole - A cave diving trip to Sump 6 in Swildon's Hole undertaken on the CSS Mendip Meet.
  • A Burrington Adventure - An epic journey exploring eight different caves in Burrington Combe in one day.
  • Fairy Cave Quarry - A trip to the very well-decorated Shatter Cave and W/L Cave in Fairy Cave Quarry, Mendip.
  • Wookey 24 - A trip to Wookey 24 in Wookey Hole, a part of the cave previously only accessible by diving before the recent dry connection.
  • Mallorca - Sun, Sea and Caves - Report from a caving holiday in Mallorca complete with fantastic photos and lots of useful information of the caves explored.
  • CSS Meets List 2023 - Updated list of CSS events for July-Dec 2023.
  • 4 Days Caving in Classic Yorkshire Potholes - Four days caving in the Yorkshire Dales with trips to Lost John's Cavern, Ireby Fell Cavern, Rowten Pot and an Alum Pot/Diccan Pot exchange.
  • New CSS Tackle Store - The 'Tackle Wardrobe' is no more, we now have a fantastic new bespoke tackle store for Whitewalls.
  • CSS Website Updates - Summary of information recently added to the CSS website including cave surveys, route descriptions and online trip reports.
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Nos. 7-9, July-September 2023

Nos. 10-12, October-December 2023