Mendip Meet and BBQ June 2022

A bonus Mendip Meet featuring a sporting cave, a pretty cave, an indoor BBQ feast and gorge scrambling in the sun.

As Friday was an amazingly sunny day, we headed to the impressive cliffs of Cheddar Gorge to do the Shoot Gulley scramble taking us from the road near White Spot Cave all the way to the top of the Pinnacles. The Saturday caving trip was to Eastwater Cavern with a very enjoyable trip to the 13 Pots, before an evening of wet weather prompted the BBQ to be cooked indoors instead. Sunday’s trip was to the short but well decorated Rose Cottage Cave, followed by lunch at The Hunters’.

Photos from Eastwater and Rose Cottage

  • The 13 Pots, Eastwater Cavern

  • Climbing the 13 Pots, Eastwater

  • The 13 Pots gets the thumbs up

  • The Bold Step

  • Climbing The Bold Step

  • 35ft ladder climb, Eastwater

  • Dolphin Pot, Eastwater

  • The Canyon, Eastwater Cavern

  • Squeeze to a grotto in Rose Cottage Cave

  • Rose Cottage Cave

  • A well decorated grotto in Rose Cottage Cave

Photos by Matt Voysey

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