Bonfire Weekend November 2023

A weekend at Whitewalls with fireworks, flames, food and wetter than usual caving trips.

Like the Derbyshire meet the month before, this club weekend was accompanied by some particularly heavy rain. CSS member Paul Tarrant had enjoyed his first ever caving trip in Agen Allwedd 50 years ago and this was celebrated with an anniversary trip on Saturday complete with Welsh cakes. Given the particularly deep and lively main streamway, Northwest Junction was the furthest destination reached today. There was also a novice caving trip to the Music Room in Agen Allwedd and an Ogof Draenen round trip which was likewise rather more aquatic than usual. Thankfully the rain stopped in the evening, and an anniversary barrel of beer was enjoyed back at Whitewalls, along with a roaring bonfire and fireworks in the garden, and a feast of chilli, spuds and puddings.

With sunnier weather on Sunday local walks were enjoyed by some, while underground activities included a visit to Iles Inlet in Agen Allwedd to the wonders of Trafalgar and the Courtesan, and a digging trip to Daubenton’s Pot with an investigation of the other small caves nearby.

Photos from the weekend

  • Aggy Entrance Series on Paul’s 50th anniversary caving trip

  • Waterfall in Main Stream Passage, Agen Allwedd

  • Main Stream Passage, Agen Allwedd

  • Wet conditions in Second Choke, Agen Allwedd

  • Top of the bonfire complete with guy

  • Bonfire in Whitewalls garden

  • Entering Daubenton’s Pot

  • Rock of Ages dig

  • Unnamed dig near Daubenton’s Pot

  • The Courtesan

Photos by Matt Voysey (except The Courtesan by Alex Randall)

© Chelsea Spelaeological Society