New CSS Tackle Store

Whitewalls gets a sturdy new made-to-measure tackle store.

Over the last few years CSS has acquired quite a lot of extra caving equipment, including new larger tackle bags and 200 metres more SRT rope than we had previously. We’ve also acquired a collection of oversuits, helmets and lights for beginners to borrow, making us not only better equipped for all kinds of caving trips but also for introducing others to the wonders of the underground world. The challenge has been where to store all these new additions. The wooden “tackle wardrobe” was a temporary solution, but this was far from ideal and we had nowhere to safely store any equipment that was not yet dry enough to put away after cleaning.

These problems are now a thing of the past. Our new tackle store, constructed and fitted by CSS member Emyr Walters, comprises bespoke sturdy steel doors converting a recess in the Whitewalls changing room into a secure storage cage. Not only does this look very smart and professional, it’s also hugely practical for allowing equipment to dry if returned wet, being well-ventilated and with a drainage gap. Thank you very much Emyr for doing an amazing job!

This project has been fully sponsored by the William Hare Group ( who very generously donated all materials used for the panels, which were fabricated and painted at their facility in Newport. Thank you very much from everyone at CSS.

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