Easter at Whitewalls April 2023

Four days of activities at Whitewalls over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Various members joined in for differing amounts of time over the four-day weekend. Friday saw the installation of our fantastic new tackle store, which is a massive improvement on the old ‘tackle wardrobe’. This is not quite finished, but already looks great – thank you very much Emyr! There was also a caving trip to Eglwys Faen.

Two caving trips were enjoyed on Saturday – a Daren through-trip travelling from Ogof Cnwc to the Daren Cilau entrance and a trip a little further afield to Ogof Dan Y Lleuad Wen. Luckily the sun was shining for the 45 minute walk from Herbert’s Quarry to the cave and the entrance was successfully found in one of the many shakeholes. The cave itself was very interesting and remarkably different to most other caves of South Wales.

Craig a Ffynnon was the main caving destination for Sunday, with a trip to Helictite Passage, and Monday’s caving trip was a shorter trip to Aggy Main Passage. There were also some digging trips over the weekend plus some local walking.

Photos from the Caving Trips

  • On the long walk to Dan Y Lleuad Wen

  • Dan Y Lleuad Wen

  • Dan Y Lleuad Wen

  • One of the many rope climbs in Dan Y Lleuad Wen

  • Coiling the ladder on the first pitch, Dan Y Lleuad Wen

  • The fixed ladder in Craig a Ffynnon

  • The top of the climb to 2nd Choke, OCAF

  • Craig a Ffynnon

  • Craig a Ffynnon

  • Straws in Travertine Passage, OCAF

  • Near Helictite Passage, OCAF

  • Erse Passage, Agen Allwedd

Photos by Matt and Mandy Voysey

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