Whitewalls Weekend March 2023 and Photography Competition

A good selection of local caving trips took place over the weekend with a photography competition held on the Saturday evening. This was a resounding success with many members taking part and an impressive number of photos on display.

The Daren Sunday School working team arrived early and put in a good days’ effort on Friday before the caving activities of the weekend. The main Saturday trip was the sporting and varied classic, the Draenen Round trip, while a digging trip to Midnight Passage in Agen Allwedd also took place and other members attended a SMWCRT cave rescue practice.

This was all rounded off by a photo competition back at Whitewalls, with 73 photographs entered by 16 club members. Martyn Farr was the deserved winner with his photo of Alum Pot, he also shared joint second place with Paul Tarrant and Mandy Voysey. A culinary bonus to accompany the evening was pork and bean stew followed by apple tatin, cooked by Paris for anyone that wished to join a communal meal.

Sunday saw caving trips to Llanelly Quarry Pot and Porky’s Paradise in Agen Allwedd, while work also continued on the Old Daren Sunday School. Jobs completed over the weekend included finishing the balustrades, toilet installation, and fitting of shower fan and outside lights and sensors. Work was also progressed on the mezzanine hatches, shower door, sprinkler system and kitchen units.

Photography Award Winner - Martyn Farr

Alum Pot from Dolly Tubs ledge

Joint Second Place Winners - Paul Tarrant, Mandy Voysey and Martyn Farr

Most Entertaining Photo Winner - John Mazzey

Joe bolting in Aggy Main Passage

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