New CSS Rope Washer

Got a dirty rope and not looking forward to the misery of cleaning it? Have no fear, the new Acme “Scrubbarope” and “Ropeaway” is here to help!

Installed in the outside cleaning area at Whitewalls, the “Scrubbarope” is mounted on the garden wall next to the cleaning sink. To operate simply connect the garden hose to the bottom, thread the rope through the pulleys and close the door. Then turn on the water and pull through as many times as necessary to remove dirt. Unlike most other rope cleaners the CSS Scrubbarope can easily be used by one person due to the angle of the pulleys at the bottom.

Once your rope is clean, it’s then time to move on to the “Ropeaway“. This is a wall mounted frame for easy rope coiling, located on the wall opposite and stored folded. To use, simply lift and secure the top bar then un-clip the two plastic pipes and place into the holes drilled in the wall below. Then wind the rope as shown in the photo below, coil and tie the loose end below the top bar, remove from the frame and hey presto you’ve got a clean and tidy rope.

Many thanks to Andy Heath for designing, building and fitting both of these items.

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