Curry Weekend December 2022

A weekend at Whitewalls including the ever-popular CSS annual Curry Night on the Saturday evening and a variety of different caving trips taking place over three days.

The weekend started early for some with caving trips to Sand Caverns in Agen Allwedd and Big Chamber Nowhere Near the Entrance in Daren Cilau on Friday before returning to Whitewalls for Andy Tyler’s 60th Birthday barrel of beer. A selection of trips took place on Saturday with some members heading to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu to join the rescue practice in OFD, while others did an OFD through trip from 1 to 2, and three different teams heading into Aggy. This included a digging and surveying trip in the newly discovered Spider Chamber, an investigation of high-level bolting options along Main Passage and a tourist trip to the Music Room. It was then back to Whitewalls to warm up with a curry feast, with a good selection home-made dishes and curry accompaniments brought along to share. Sunday’s caving trip was to Craig a Ffynnon with three different end destinations from Hall of the Mountain King to the very end of the Promised Land, depending on how far people wanted to go. Some people also went walking and work was undertaken on the Old Daren Sunday School too.

Photos from Spider Chamber and Craig a Ffynnon

  • John surveying Spider Chamber, Midnight Passage

  • Spider Chamber, Agen Allwedd

  • Surveying Spider Chamber

  • Digging in Spider Chamber

  • Surveying Spider Chamber

  • Surveying

  • Hall of the Mountain King, Craig a Ffynnon

  • Hurricane Highway, Craig a Ffynnon

  • Crawling in Hurricane Highway

  • Fourth Choke, Craig a Ffynnon

  • Helictite Passage, Craig a Ffynnon

  • Formations, Helictite Passage

  • Helictite Passage

  • Helictite Passage

  • The Pagoda, Craig a Ffynnon

  • The Pagoda - The Promised Land

Photos by Matt Voysey

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