Whitewalls Weekend February 2024

A fun-packed weekend with plenty of underground activities, a bit of SRT, cave digging and generous quantities of fortified wine.

The caving started early for some with a trip to Dinas Silica Mines on Friday afternoon where one of the team also did some cave diving. After the recent heavy rain, the main Saturday trip was changed from Dan yr Ogof to Pant Mawr Pot. This was a well-attended trip and the sun was even shining on the long walk over to the cave entrance. The shaft was descended using SRT, to land in the impressively large passage below. The streamway was followed to the sump, visiting the high-level well-decorated sections along the way. Other trips also took place on the Saturday, with three new members surveying and digging in the environs of Priory Road in Agen Allwedd, a digging trip in Pwll Estrys, and a short Daren trip to Big Chamber Nowhere Near the Entrance.

In the evening it was back to Whitewalls for a ‘fortified wine night’, where a varied collection of interesting beverages were brought along to taste and share by all who wished to partake, along with accompanying cheeses and snacks. Caving trips on the Sunday included Llanelly Quarry Pot and Ogof Clogwyn with a viewing of Pwll y Cwm along the way.

Photos from the weekend

  • Dinas Silica Mine

  • WD40 required in Dinas Silica Mine

  • Diving in Dinas Silica Mine

  • The sunny walk to Pant Mawr Pot

  • On the way to Pant Mawr Pot

  • Pant Mawr Pot entrance pitch

  • Descending Pant Mawr Pot

  • Pant Mawr Pot

  • Well decorated grotto in Pant Mawr Pot

  • Llanelly Quarry Pot entrance

  • Exiting Llanelly Quarry Pot

  • Pwll y Cwm in the Clydach Gorge

  • Ogof Clogwyn Entrance

  • Clogwyn main passage

  • Ogof Clogwyn

Photos by John Mazzey, Paul Tarrant, Matt Voysey and Dave Kinzett

© Chelsea Spelaeological Society