Bank Holiday Weekend at Whitewalls June 2022

An extended weekend of caving, hut building work, BBQ’s, sunshine and a fantastic new discovery!

Four days at Whitewalls on the Jubilee weekend with a mix of working and caving. Further progress was made on the Sunday School patio and shower room and Whitewalls was upgraded with double glazed windows upstairs and new door locks. Caving trips included OFD Streamway and explore of Cwm Dwr on Friday, the 1984 Series in Agen Allwedd (including the discovery of new cave passage!) on Saturday and a digging trip in Upper Southern Stream in Aggy on Sunday. Two BBQ’s and a bonfire were also enjoyed in evenings.

See CSS Newsletter Vol. 64, Nos. 7-9 for full report from the Aggy 1984 Series trip.

Photos from the caving trips

  • Mandy, Mike, Matt, Adrian, John, Andy and John N

  • Cwm Dwr

  • Cwm Dwr/OFD

  • OFD streamway

  • OFD streamway

  • Clambering over boulders in Cwm Dwr

  • Main Stream Passage, Agen Allwedd

  • Turkey Streamway, Agen Allwedd

  • Climbing the rope climb in Shattered Passage, Agen Allwedd

  • The constricted entrance to the 84 Series, Agen Allwedd

  • The 84 Series, Agen Allwedd

  • The fantastic ceiling on the crawl to ‘Anniversary Chamber’ - a new discovery found on our trip and named after the fact that it was exactly 30 years since Adrian’s first caving trip.

  • The climb back down from the 84 Series

Photos by Matt Voysey

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